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    Let us know if bending the lips back to spec works...Thanks !
  2. I bent my mags ever so slightly, still way wider than Texas Mark but it seems to have helped. Browning wanted me to send them in.

    The real issue I'm having besides forgetting my password and not knowing what the password I'm being sent is. For example, is it an 0 or O. IS it an I or l or 1. I just keep guessing.

    Back to the gun. I'm having trouble with the grip safety. The gun I borrowed to try out was the basic model. I had no problem. The gun I bought was the Pro with the G10 grips. My hand shifts ever so slightly and I don't depress the safety properly and the gun doesn't shoot. It happens about every 10 shots. I think the grip is fatter. I have arthritis and wanted a gun with little recoil and one easy to grip. I don't want to have to have a perfect grip every time I shoot or to have to squeeze the heck out of it. Any body else have this problem?
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    Welcome Longboy...!!
  4. Cockerill

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    I picked that name because of what brought me here. I'd been watching eBay for over a month looking for a A5 barrel in 12ga mod or IC and after looking at no telling how many a new listing came up with cockerill steel on the left side and Browning Automatic Arms Odgen Utah USA on the top , I knew something was different , it was in excellent condition and the buy it now was fair so I purchased it. After looking in to it I'm starting to believe it quite different. So Hello from NW Florida.
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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum !!

    Enjoy the forum.
  6. cxm

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    "Accumulator" of elderly S&W revolvers and semi autos. Also "accumulate" FN/Browning High Power pistols along with various Colt's semi autos. Been shooting for more years than I care to remember...
  7. cxm

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    For some reason my first post here didn't work... so I"ll give it try again...

    I'm a accumulator of elderly S&W revolvers and semis; Colt's semis; FN/Browning High Powers and various other unrelated fire arms that strike my fancy...


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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum cxm !!

    Enjoy our community...
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    Big buck out of luck. My dad told me that once after I had a beauty of a CA 4x4 just about sniff the end of my rifle. Stuck with me and I shortened it and have always used it as my name on forums. My pic is just a highlight of my favorite Browning. ABolt Stainless Stalker .300 Win Mag. making bacon.
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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum Bigbuckool !!
  11. Malpaso

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    Avatar is The Outlaw Josey Wales, IMHO the greatest movie ever. My screen name is Clint's production company, which I started using when I shot CAS.
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  12. frogbert

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    I use the card as my avatar because I shot this card with my H-P Mk III in .40 cal. at about 20 feet. The idea was to split the card but as you can see the card bent before the bullet got all the way through. The gun club that I am a member of have competitions against each other. On this day we were having a big bore action shoot and at the end we were to split a playing card. We got one shot one shot only and out of 7 shooters I was the only one to split the card.
    My screen name frogbert is because I have liked frogs all my life and it was the bert part was taken from the comic strip Dilbert.
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  13. vlad dracule

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    we usually only come out at night and have no mirrors in our home ,we will not be in any avatar
  14. gomer_pyle

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    I first used this name in an online WWII first person shooter game. It expanded into a couple other web sites and now here. Probably chosen because, like Pyle, I seem to be bumbling through life like an idiot but still getting through all right.
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  15. Mike M.

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    My Avatar was a buck I hunted for 3 years. Got a shot and missed. Just heard yesterday he was poached. My name is my name.
  16. Batty

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    My avatar is because my husband is an electrical engineer and he says I am high voltage ;)

    My user name is Batty because I love bats and am a little batty.
  17. Kevin Shelley

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    This artist's rendering of the now extinct passenger pigeon reminds me of the important lessons US citizens have learned and how far we have come as global leaders in the world in fish and wildlife conservation and management.
  18. BKB1950

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    My name is obviously my initials & my birth year, no pic.
  19. BKB1950

    BKB1950 Copper BB

    I have been an avid sportsman & gun collector most of my 69 years. Brownings comprise a good percentage of my inventory.
  20. Huffy49

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    Hello, All!
    My screen name is one I use on most any forum I belong to. My avatar is actually my great grandfather, proudly posing with his new-fangled Winchester Model 1894, circa 120 years ago.

    I'm a retired IT exec living in southeastern Pennsylvania, though before I decided it was time to earn some serious money I was a freelance photographer. A one time hunter, I only occasionally shoot varmints anymore, and then only when they are doing damage. I still fish and hike, and shoot targets. I own some 16 firearms, ranging from .22s through 44 magnums to rifles and 12 gauge. Mostly handguns, though. I have a PA concealed carry permit and seldom leave home unarmed, typically with a small .380 or 9mm, neither of which are pleasant to shoot, but very concealable.

    What brings me to this forum is the recent acquisition of a Browning 1911-380 with the stainless steel slide, 4.2 inch barrel, and the fancy engraved wood grips. It's my first 1911 pistol; I've wanted one for a while but didn't care for the 45 ACP cartridge as I don't have anything in that caliber. I was considering a 9mm 1911, but when I learned of the Browning version in .380 my interest was piqued. It also helped that I had $700 in Cabela's gift certificates in one of my drawers. It's not quite a service pistol (I have 4 of those) but it's a baby brother to one.

    I think the workmanship on the 1911-380 is very good indeed. Great fit, finish, and reliability - only one fail to fire (second strike did fire) and zero FTFs, FTEs, or other issues in several hundred rounds. It's quite compact, and I think I may well carry this little gem. Mine is accurate, points extremely well and feel great in the hand. Btw. I have somewhat odd hands - they're quite large but I have stubby fingers (the longest is less than 4.5 inches from knuckle to tip). Not all guns seem to fit my hand, though P38s, Lugers, and the CZ75 feel good, but not like the Browning! I should add that I usually prefer shooting revolvers for the same reason, but the Browning is an even better fit for me.

    I may get another magazine or two to supplement the two it came with, and a good shoulder rig to wear under a dinner jacket. Just now I'm itching to get back to thhe range with it!

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