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    Do your screen name and avatar have any special meaning or did you just pick a random name and a cool pic? Some are pretty self explanitory, but others can be much more inspired.

    Let's hear it...

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    I grew up shoot'n handguns with my Pop, mostly his Colt Combat Commander, and I got pretty decent with a pistol. It's hard not to pick up good habits when you're taught to shoot by a retired Ranger Capt. He carried a 12 gauge as his primary in the service and we never really shot rifles much, so when I first made the jump from pistols to long-guns I had a pretty hard time adjusting. I had virtually no experience and had to learn as I went along. I was tryin to sight in a shiny new scope I put on my brand new Remy 700 and couldn't find zero to save my @$$. I was tryin everything that I could think of and my patterm was all over the paper.

    An ol' timer who'd apparently been watchin me for a while walks up and hands me a set of hex wrenches. I said thank you and politely asked why he'd handed them to me. "Tighten up your rings" he said, "that oughta bout do it". I asked how he knew and he replied with "son I've been shootn a couple lanes down from you for the better part of an hour and the rattlin in them rings is givin me a headache". I kinda muttered out loud "so that's what's causing me to shoot all over the place".

    He said, "young man it's either that or you got yourself one hell of a LAZY EYE"!

    We both got a good laugh. He shared a few helpful tips and from then on I've been able to sight in pretty much any rifle with three shots. The whole ordeal made quite an impression on me.

    When I got into gun forums I thought the name was a good fit and a reminder to always help people out whenever I could. I designed the avatar afterward. I thought it'd be a funny visual representation of the name.
  3. Didn't pick an avitar yet. My screen name is trigger finger X2 because I shoot right handed and left handed. Sometimes I'll shoot skeet doubles by starting out righty then switching to lefty for the second shot. I am right handed, but normally shoot lefty because I'm left eyed dominant. Been shotgunning since the mid eighties and do fairly well in trap & skeet. I won a few skeet championships at my local club and also shoot sporting clays. My reason for joining will be in my 2nd post post in a different topic area.
  4. DHonovich

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    That is very impressive that you shoot both and its even more impressive that you can shoot clays switching for a second shot.
  5. Billythekid

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    I wish I could shoot both ways on skeet, that's awesome. Was it awkward at first squeezing the trigger with your left hand?
  6. I am right haned but always held a long gun lefty. No one ever said to me shoot righty, Ever since i can remember I've shot lefty I shoot mostly lefty becuse my left eye, (dominant) is so much better than my right eye. I will shoot a pistol in my right hand but sight with my left eye. I know, I'm all screwed up, but it's fun. I also shoot my compound bow lefty but a recurve righty.
  7. gusser33

    gusser33 Copper BB

    My Screen name has no particular significance. :D Its just so darn hard keep thinking up these names. So, gusser33 it is.
  8. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest

    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum gusser33 !!

    Do you own a Browning Firearm...?
  9. Nomad 6

    Nomad 6 Copper BB

    Hi all; I picked Nomad 6 for use on Browning forum. I really enjoy shooting the handgun. My father bought it in 1969, and I got it in the early 80's. I taught my daughter to shoot it when she was 12. It has her name on it when I decide to let it go. Jerry in MI.
  10. Billythekid

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    thanks for sharing jerry, its nice to see when it can be passed down from generation to generation.
  11. sawdust256

    sawdust256 Copper BB

    My screen name is my nickname from when I was in construction. I was a carpenter by trade and everywhere I went, I left sawdust every where I worked...hence the name sawdust!
  12. Rob poston

    Rob poston .270 WIN

    My screen name of Rob Poston is because I am Rob Poston. As for the avatar, I wanted it to express the supremely sophisticated intellectual abilities and reflect the highest level of mental stamina and fortitude that I exude on a daily basis. That, and I had MS Paintbrush already open when I signed up.
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  13. zebra62

    zebra62 Copper BB

    I have been called Zebra since the mid 80's as a young airplane mechanic in the Air Force. I found an English style zebra print field jacket in a flea market one weekend and started wearing it. An old girlfriend of mine stole it from me when we broke up but the handle stayed with me. I added the 62 at the end for my birthyear.
  14. MrDig

    MrDig .22LR

    Screen Name is nothing Special, Last Name is Digatono so MrDig was a reasonable choice that only male members of my family would choose. I got it first too bad for them :D
    My Avatar is almost as simple, IRL other than Dig or Digger many know me as Bear, and well I'm smarter than your average Bear so I chose that as an avatar.
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  15. Dallas_CMT

    Dallas_CMT .270 WIN

    Nothing special, just the city where I live, and my initials. As for the avatar, it may change on a whim... but is currently an image of a recent Browning purchase.
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  16. Ghost133

    Ghost133 Copper BB

    Ghost was my nickname from my military days and the 133 was the unit I was in when I retired.
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  17. kenw520hc

    kenw520hc Copper BB

    hello everyone. my screen name 520hc belongs to my other passion, wheel horse tractors. but i just love firearms and hunting,shooting, target shooting, and teaching my to grandsons how to shoot.i have always loved lever action rifles and have owned quite a few of the brands out there IE,winchester,marlin 336, henry h009 all 30 30 calibers. until about a year ago i thought they were as my grandsons would say the shiznit of rifles. then one day at a local gun shop i held a browning blr 81 and it was love a first sight, feel, shoulder, and then i worked the action, the rest is history. i sold all my marlins, my henry and yes the beloved winchester. those of you who own blrs know what i mean. my first browning blr 81 in 7mm-08 became the only rifle i wanted to shoot,put a inexpensive bushnell banner scope on it, bore sighted it and presto 4 rounds at the range i was dead center groups at 100 yards, tighter groups than any of the 30 30s except the henry, which would give the blr a run for the money. today i brought home my second blr a blr lt pg in .223 caliber which took some time for my dealer to get. just installed and bore sighted it. get this the cross hairs lined up scope to bore sighter with out and adjustments. can' wait to get it to the range. if any other blr owners have any pointers about blrs. chime right in. :lol: :lol:
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  18. Nordic Thunder

    Nordic Thunder Copper BB

    I have used Nordic Thunder for a few forums, started using it after watching the movie Tropic Thunder. No avatar yet, need to work on that :)
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  19. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest


    How about this...!?
  20. I live in North Dakota, and that's me flying over Tora Bora in Dec 2001.
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