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  1. Donald Armstrong

    Donald Armstrong Copper BB

    Hi All,
    Thank you for allowing me to joined your forum as another user and fan of the hi back A5 Browning. The A5 is one of the few, off the shelf guns that fits me.
    I wanted to respond to the thread detailing the 6 types of engraving styles from Fabrique Nationale after being fortunate enough to pick up a type II renaissance engraved gun a couple of years ago. Its a 1965 Magnum 12g. with 31 1/2" full choke chrome lined barrel.
    The recoil spring set up has been modified on all of my A5 guns to shoot trap cartridges with minimal recoil using a mixture of 2 3/4" parts and magnum parts and sometimes Breda friction rings. They will shoot heavy or light cartridges but reliability can only be gained by picking a cartridge type that is consistently the same weather heavy or light.
    I am the proud owner of several Miroku/Browning O/U's and a Browning 10g Gold. I could be described as an all round Browning fan but my favorite gun is still the A5 or due to UK legislation and restrictions to magazine capacity is now renamed an A3.
    In the past have made by own lead and bismuth shot and reload, 20, 12, but now mainly 10g loads.

    I look forward to joining your discussions and threads hoping to learn and share my experiences with like minded people.

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  2. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    Welcome from southwest Idaho, USA.
    As a fellow A5 fan (I own.... getting close to thirty now....) you are among friends.
  3. Donald Armstrong

    Donald Armstrong Copper BB

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Getting on for thirty guns is a real fan. I bet you have a favorite that shoots a little better than all the rest. Which is the first choice gun from the thirty guns and what do you mainly shoot with it? You must have some models which have nice or even unique engraving in your collection Bill. Most models available in the UK are plain action.

    I only own 12g Magnum's due to the recoil modifications that I highlighted in my opening thread. The gun fit combined with minimal recoil works really well, dropping the spent shells at your feet. I swap the stock from a 2 3/4" gun and then add the white line recoil pad to give a 15" stock length without using spacers. The 9lb 3oz takes stopping but swings smoothly with unrivalled low recoil.
    Here in the UK very few people still shoot the old school high back A5's and I am still often asked what sort of gun is that you are using? I look in envy when I see all the USA websites that sell numerous variations of the A5 from used to mint condition.
  4. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    I have a handful I choose from when I do my weekly Sporting Clays or 5 Stand. Out of those, for no particular reason I usually grab my 1956 with a Poly-Choke, simply because while the other guys are switching choke tubes I merely have to give mine a twist and I'm ready.
    For the most part, the others are safe-queens, but do get out and get fed a couple of boxes of shells every once in awhile. Virtually every one I get receives a complete tear down and inspection. If it looks okay, it gets at least one round of trap/sporting clays/5 Stand under its belt so it doesn't forget what its supposed to do.
    I have successfully adjusted two magnum models to shoot light loads. (3 dram, 1 1/8 oz.) I have read where people have had problems getting a magnum model to reliably cycle low powered rounds, but I personally have had no problems, once I figured out the placement of the friction ring and collar.
    I have figured out a procedure to pretty well replicate the old rust bluing (prior to the hot dip bluing after the mid-60s) with store bought cold bluing. It has proven to look really close to original. I have also refinished a few stocks and fore arms that have come out looking "original".
    I do NOT have any with Grade 3 (or higher) engraving..........but I ain't dead yet. ( I just recently fell into a straight stock! There's a separate thread about it.)
  5. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    What ARE the laws regarding an A5 in your country?
  6. Donald Armstrong

    Donald Armstrong Copper BB

    What ARE the laws regarding an A5 in your country?

    In the UK we have shot gun certificates and firearm certificates. 3 shot semi autos are covered by shotgun legislation and any guns with a greater magazine capacity needs to be on a firearms certificate.
    Firearms requirements need greater home security more personal background checks and permission granted from the Police to own a particular gun before purchase. Each gun must have a purpose and private land is even inspected and approved. You are unable to hold multiples of the same gun for the same use without good reason. An example would be you to own a .22 for rabbits, a .223 for foxes and a .243 for deer. But if you want another .243 then you must sell the first gun within a reasonable time frame or gain additional approval which is unlikely to be granted because you already own one. You book your ammunition onto your certificate at point of purchase and must demonstrate that they are used at each renewal period or permission will not be given to hold a gun on your next certificate.
    Shotguns requirements are much less. Guns must be smooth bore, barrel length greater than 24", magazine capacity less than 3 and securely stored. There is little restriction on how many and what you own. Cartridges only require you to show you certificate before purchase.

    The A5 must have its magazine restricted to three shots. This is done by placing a metal sleeve inside the magazine tube and crimping it in position away from the friction ring acting area. The magazine tube is locked in position with locktite to prevent removal. The gun is re-proofed and stamped by the Birmingham proof house to approve its shotgun status.
    Therefore my A5 is held on a shotgun certificate and is now an A3. John Mosses would turn in his grave!
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  7. Donald Armstrong

    Donald Armstrong Copper BB

    Your Magnum models can cycle 24g, (7/8oz) and 28g 1oz with a simple modification. The magnum lug is further forward than a 2 3/4 model as I am sure your are aware. This provides some extra space to add rings. Replace the heavy Mag spring with a 2 3/4 main spring which is much lighter. Then use one brass mag ring and one metal clad 2 3/4 brass ring. The braking is done by the barrel at the top then two tapered rings (collars) in the middle and another in the bottom.
    This set gives the flexibility to then apply the normal logic of acting and non acting rings to adjust by trial and error until the recoil is reliable and smooth using parts that are easily available. Lightly oil with WD40 or similar product.
    This set up combined with the 9lb + weight gives less perceived recoil than my Kreighoff precision fit stock.
    The lighter main spring reduces the potential damage to the forend as the barrel returns. (I have bored out and fit a plastic sleeve inside my forend to prevent cracking). The metal clad 2 3/4 friction ring also reduces the return of the barrel because the normally fitted two magnum rings offer no forward braking. It really is an all round winner. 7/8 to 1 7/8 loads. But it does not like cases shorter than 70mm.


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  8. ripjack13

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    Howdy, welcome to the club.
    Sorry I'm late to the festivities...
    Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.
    Please, feel free to chime in on any conversation, anywhere...

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