your favorite 5 firearms

Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by Noturus, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    Hopefully at least one is a Browning! LOL
    Here's mine in alphabetical order....
    1. Browning 1885 High wall 45-70
    2. Colt Anaconda .45 Long Colt
    3. Ruger Bearcat .22 LR
    4. Savage Crack shot .22 LR (first firearm at age 10)
    5. Wichita International 30/30 Winchester
  2. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    1. Browning Auto-5
    2. Colt 1911
    3. M1 Garand
    4. Browning Hi Power
    5. M1 Carbine
  3. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    Very cool list! I reckon I forgot all about the 1911 since I gave mine to my son-in-law years ago after he returned rom Iraq. I always loved the way it disassembled without using any tools!
    My dad, a Marine from WWII was not a fan of the 30 caliber carbine however. He discarded it and took hold of a M1 Garand as soon as he could after landing in Okinawa.
  4. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    Wow, your father was on Okinawa? He must have been one tough Marine.

    Terminal ballistics aside, the carbine is a fun gun to shoot. And it was a more effective weapon than the .45, which it was originally meant to replace.

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  5. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .410

    1,Browning A5
    2. Springfield 03
    3. Colt 1911
    4. M14
    5. M16
  6. win7stw

    win7stw .410

    1 Browning A5
    2 Winchester Model 70 in 7mm STW
    3 Browning Citori
    4 Winchester 9422M
    5 1911
  7. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    Excellent posts! None of us vary too far from John M. browning's designs.
  8. Hairtrigger

    Hairtrigger .270 WIN

    New Ohio made Ithaca 1911 Hand Fit
    Browning Buckmark carbon 22rifle
    High Standard 103 Spacegun
    Browning 12ga BPS
    Browning A-Bolt Eclipse in 22-250 with single set trigger
    PLUS ab honorable mention
    Remington 700 Titanium in 30-06
  9. gomer_pyle

    gomer_pyle Copper BB

    Tough to choose just five and my preference changes with whatever I'm holding at the moment.
    Browning pre 81 BLR .308 - good gun for whitetails around here
    M1 Garand
    Johnson Model of 1941
    Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Mag
    Sig P220 .45 ACP

    Honorable mention: Browning Euro-Bolt .270 - my other whitetail gun
  10. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    It's interesting how we all have very different favorites but as expected all have at least one Browning as a top preference!
    I reckon that's why we are here!
  11. Ranger6

    Ranger6 .270 WIN

    Browning A5
    Browning A5
    Browning A5
    Browning A5
    Browning A5
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  12. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    Wow! you have 5 of them? Or is it your one and only favorite? LOL
  13. Ranger6

    Ranger6 .270 WIN

    That’s my favorite, all hell I have that many 16 gauges. Then there’s the 20’s and 12’s . Yea I know I’m really sick. Always looking for another
    I also have an LC Smith that’s pretty close, it was my great grandfather’s, so it holds a special place in my heart and brings back lots of memories. That’s a double though so I have a couple favorites. Then there’s the 525, and the gold hunters. I have a very nice slug gun that’s a gold hunter. That thing is wicked at 200 yards. Just to many but the a5 is the all time favorite
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