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  1. So I won an x-bolt in a raffle in 300 win mag. It came with cheap plastic stock. What are my options to upgrade the stock?

    I looked at Boyd's, McMillan but wasn't sure if there were other options I should consider.

    Also will any of these replacements need serious gunsmith work or are the drop in ready? This will be a hunting rifle for Wyoming mule deer not a bench rifle.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I will defer your question to the membership here for a reply...
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  3. the stock on my White Gold Medallion broke and I replaced it with one from Boyds. I do not regret it in any way. The gun shoots even better with the new stock.
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    Would you mind sharing how the stock broke?
  5. According to Browning I abused my stock. I say normal wear and tear. I was headed out on a hunt one morning and was holding the rifle by the barrel so I could grab the sling to throw it over my shoulder. The gun slipped out of my hand and dropped onto the recoil pad. When I went to pick it up the stock was in two pieces. This would have been my third hunt with my new rifle. I was not impressed. I sent it to Browning and they offered to replace the stock for $800 but would not admit that this was a warrantable condition. Needless to say that is when I turned to Boyds to find a stock. Best thing I could have done. I do love that "inflex" recoil pad though. I put a 1" Limb Saver recoil pad on my Boyds stock, it works great.
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    Man that's crazy.
  7. Would you mind sharing some pictures with the Boyd's? Did you just bolt it on the new stock or did you bed the action? Was the barrel free floated or did you have to sand it?

    I love the Boyd's stock I put on my rem 700 30-06. It only required minor sanding in the barrel channel. I have never bedded an action before so wasn't sure if that was necessary for the Boyd's with the X-bolt.

    My X-bolt is a 300 win mag so the heavier Boyd's stock would help tame the recoil a bit over the cheap plastic stock.

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  8. It was 100% plug and play. Dropped the action and barrel in and went shooting. I have contemplated bedding it but the rifle shoots so well with this stock I figured, why mess with success? I did not have to make any modifications to the stock at all.
  9. Which version of the Boyd's stock did you get? Did the length of pull end up the same with the 1 inch recoil pad?

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    I have my Browning X Bolt Long Range 65CM in a Boyd's At One stock I installed last week. I sanded out the barrel channel til I could slide a dollar bill all the way to the barrel nut. I only shot 3 deer this year with it (3 hits 1 miss 200-350 yards), but I shoot 500+ rounds a month bench rest at my home range up to 880 yards. I had 30lb's on the front action bolt but had to loosen to 22lb's because I tend to pull down pretty hard in these Texas winds. I have 55lb's on the rear action bolt. When I install my M Carbo spring kit today I will do some final sanding since I just roughed it out initially. Right now it shoots 1/3 moa at 200 yards with fully worked up hornady brass, ELD-M 140g, Fed 210M & 41.2g of H4350. If I can't get it 1/4 moa or under I will go ahead and bed it. I just got the rifle for XMas, so it's a work in progress. The only Boyd's upgrades I installed were both target accessories and the 1" pad because I'm 6'4" with long arms

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  11. Thanks for the info. I had to sand down barrel channel on the Boyd's I put on my rem 700 as well. I finished it with some clear poly arcylic and it turned out nice.

    Are the numbers you spoke of foot pound torque specs for the screws?

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    Yeah, I got about 5 different set's of numbers from 5 different people. Two different people at browning also gave me 2 different numbers. I didn't get a chance to work on my rifle today because one of our 3 phase water wells went down. According to my gunsmith friend a Boyd's Laminate stock should have 30ft lb's on the front action bolt and 55ft lb's on the rear action bolt. He built 2 of our F class 30" rifles. I'm going to have to take another 1/16" off the barrel channel to get there.
  13. Thanks for the info. I always wondered how much torque to put on the screws. Mine are just hunting rifles so I'm not quite looking for the same level of accuracy as you. I would be happy with a 1 inch group at 200 yards.

    I just spent an hour on Boyd's website. Way too many options. The 26 in tube on my 300 wm and the plastic stock make it feel very front heavy. Hopefully the Boyd's will balance it out.

    When I put in the laser checkering and black end cap, it's up over $300...

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    I installed the M Carbo kit today and got the trigger down to 1lb 14oz. Not as low as I would like but as a bonus there is no creep. That's 1lb less.
  15. Did you get a chance to shoot it to see if your groups got smaller?

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    My test rounds are worse than the stock stock. I have 641 shots on the rifle since I bought it 2 days before xmas. I have 78 shots on the new stock which changed my harmonics according to my cousin here who has shot F class for 30 years. Now I changed the trigger mech so I can just start over. After mounting the scope in the exact same place on the rail I was 4" right and 5" high at 200yrds zero. The best I shot with a changing 17mph NW to NE wind was a .711 @ 100yrds. Here is the pic of me starting load development AGAIN. I just got in 500 of the ELD-M 140's and 500 of the ELD-M 147's. Never taking scope off again. Sorry about the rant. It's not the stock or mounting there of. Just remember your rifle has a whole new balance including harmonics, mine feels right now but I have to learn to shoot it again.

    Sam Ault

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    FYI, If any body wants to we have 2 ranges here on the ranch. All are welcome if there not an idiot. One 25yrd's to 500yrd's and one 880 yrd. (Steel and paper) The county has a couple training courses on our place a year. We put them in the bunk house.
  18. I love the look of the Walnut factory stock. If I ordered a new factory Walnut stock, how hard would it be to bed it to the action? I've never done that to a gun before.

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  19. I have a Browning XBolt White Gold Medalion in .308. The high gloss finish was too much for me so I replaced it with a Boyd Black Laminate Pararie Hunter for that rifle with a 13.5 Custom LOP and the 1/2 inch recoil pad and it shoots very, very well. Did the same with a Winchester Model 70 Ultimate Shadow SS .243 and both Rifles I blueprinted, Small amount of Bedrock glass bedding, no other touch up on either rifle. Both shot incredibly well before the Boyd stocks, both shot better after I put on the I admit heavier laminate stock which they call Pepper Laminate, Both Rifles look awesome. The glossy finish on some of the Browning stocks I feel is too damn shiny and impossible to photograph. I am very happy with both rifles! When a rifle shoots MOA all the time, using a Caldwell Lead Sled, but even offhand, great accuracy! I have also looked at the X Bolt All Weather Rifles But the caliber I was after was gone. And the Eclipse Hunter thumbhole stock might be fine for bench rest but I would not want one in the field, and all who look at one, even the dealers selling them agree! 6.5 Creedmore would be my choice in the X Bolt All Weather!
  20. Wazizit sounds like he has a great set up. I wonder if Shamrock Shooter got his stock set up. I have used quite a few Boyd Stocks. The one I prefer is the Boyd Pararie Hunter in Black Laminate (they call it Pepper) in the fleur de lis checkering and I always ask for 13.5 length of pull. But if you get a wood factory stock it would work. The synthetic I believe makes the stock pretty light, and therefore nose heavy by some standards. I think the Hunter satin finish are the nicest. They do run a plain walnut grain though. Some think the laminates look like plywood. I have never had that reaction. They are tough as nails and often really pretty. Also more durable than wood or synthetic.

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