Updated BOSS "sweet spot" info?

Discussion in 'Browning A-Bolt Rifle' started by khigh65, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. khigh65

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    Hi all!

    Got an old 1995 Composite Stalker A-Bolt II 300 Win Mag on a deal years ago. Pulled it out recently and started going through it. I'm taking quite a liking to it!

    The Browning BOSS sweet spot info online looks quite dated. I'd like to see what it will do with Federal Gold Medal 190gr. There's not even a generic Federal 190 on the chart.

    Anyone know if a forum, owners group, etc., has an updated chart? Or does anyone have a recommendation for this particular ammo? I'd like to cut down on shoulder pain and wasting $2 cartridges as much as possible.

    Barring either of those, is there a generic recommended process? I'm thinking start at five, go to four and see which way it goes, compare to six, etc.

    Thanks for looking!
  2. MZ5

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    I haven't had my BOSS-equipped A-bolt for some years now, but I recollected the manual to have instructions for how to find the sweet spot for ammo not listed. Does yours not have those instructions?

    I know of no one but Browning who attempts to catalog sweet spots for BOSS-equipped rifles. If I were you, I'd check any sweet spot info given by Browning, simply because ammo manufacturers _may_ change the powder they use over time.
  3. Hairtrigger

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    Tuning the Boss is half the fun..... plus there is plenty to be said about practice
  4. talkinghorse

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    From the Browning website:

    "Check the sweet spot chart for the closest comparable load and setting as a starting point. If the velocity of your new load is greater, then the numerical value of the BOSS setting will be higher. If the velocity of your new load is lower, then the numerical value of the BOSS setting will be lower. If you desire to further experiment and possibly obtain even tighter groupings, turn the micro-adjustable lock nut 1/4 of a turn clockwise and fire your rifle at a safe target. If the group opens up (gets larger), turn the micro-adjustable lock nut counter clockwise and sight in at different 1/4 turns until you are satisfied with your groupings."

    Hope this helps...

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