Trash in my face with suppressor

Discussion in 'Browning 1911-22 Handgun' started by milquetoast599, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. milquetoast599

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    Just got a 1911-22 with threaded barrel, to use as a host for a Gemtech Outback suppressor. Bad juju: when I shoot it with the suppressor attached I get a lot of trash blown back into my face -- I mean a lot. It stings, gets in my nose and mouth, and (fortunately) bounces off my eye protection. Until I can get the situation resolved, I won't shoot it with the suppressor -- which is, after all, the reason I bought it.

    Anybody else have this experience? Anybody else shooting with a suppressor and not having that problem?

    I am wondering if a heavier recoil spring would keep the slide closed a millisecond longer. Does anybody make a heavier spring?

    BTW, ammo is Remington Target, CCI Sub-Sonic, and Gemtech.

    Thanks for whatever help you can offer.
  2. Rudolph31

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    Hi, I don’t have much experience with suppressors but I’m guessing that not only would a stronger spring eliminate the blow back to your face but also will make your gun a lot quieter. The downside is your gun probably won’t cycle.
  3. There is another thread here about the trash in the face. That thread does not mention suppressors. I do not use a suppressor, but I get hot trash in the throat when shooting "from the hip". Not when shooting with arm or arms extended - so far anyway. I shoot mostly Aguila Super Extra through my 1911-22 because I have a whole case of it and need to use it up. My S&W M&P .22 compact will also shoot the Aguila but my Ruger Mark IV Lite will NOT.

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