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    I got a new 7-08 Takedown and had the trigger and action fixed up. Next was the scope. I tried a vx6 2x12 and thought it was great but sure made the gun heavy and had to use a beartooth sleeve to get the cheek weld right. But still didnt feel like a lever supposed to feel. Then I mounted a leup 2.5x scout and it didnt work well with my eyes (I am cross shooter). Then finally I put on a vx3i 1.5x5 with low talley alloys and feels and fits perfect. Normal cheek weld on the wood and the scope dosent feel like adding any weight.

    Now to figure out the sling mounts. I just dont see why cant drill the studs right into the wood forward of the barrel band. I use the slogan rubber sling on my guns that has the outdoor connection polymer swivel so wouldnt rattle against the barrel band.

    This little gun has a sting to it cause the stock is so narrow. I would like to see if a limbsaver would fit worth a shit but my experience is they dont. I have been shooting reduced loads and seems to work fine. I am not worried about an extra 2 in drop at 200 yds. Still packs enough wallop to kill want I want.

    This is the best lever gun made. This is my third. I am always surprised more people dont use them. Many bitch about the trigger so fix it. Mine has zero creep and breaks at 3.5 pounds.

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    Looks like a perfect match!
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    Any issues with thumb clearance cocking or letting off on hammer?

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    More than you need unless wearing mittens!

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    I have the same exact rifle in .308. I put a zeiss 3-9x40 on low Talley rings. I put the sling mount behind the barrel band and it works fine. I didn’t want it there but supposedly with laminate, you want the extra support of putting it behind the band. I’ve seen the European mounts on the rifle and they look nicer than the traditional ones, they’re just a bit more expensive.
    I got a trigger job from Neil Jones of Pennsylvania, who’s is supposedly an expert on BLR triggers. I’m sitting at about 3.5 lbs now and it’s candy cane crisp.
    With factory ammo I’m shooting about 1.25”-1.5” which is pretty good.
    I absolutely agree with you on wondering why it’s not more popular of a rifle. I just think people are afraid to leave bolt actions. They are also afraid of opening up these rifles, which is not recommended. Being a takedown, I can get almost all the way in the action when deep cleaning. That’s more than enough for me.
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    By the way, I had a Limbsaver on there at one point. It does not fit. You would have to buy the grindable one and custom fit it.
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    Hah very cool..nice setup. I nearly went with that scope but decided to keep it for brush only and use my bolt for the rest. I am going thru the same thing right now! I had my smith do a trigger job same 3.5 exact no creep. He also polished up the action while at it but I dont think it made any noticeable diff as was smooth to start with.

    yesterday I received my limbsaver with no hopes of a fit and I was right. I then printed out the templates and none of the good ones fit that I could have ground down. I dont think its worth grinding one of the reg ones as cant be much softer than the factory one. In the field you dont notice the recoil. Thinking about a slip on just for the range. ( if that fits!)

    I am also trying to find the perfect sling setup! I dont want barrel band and want ss. My smith said for the front can use a ss stud with bolt thread. drill a hole infront of barrel band and then bore it out from the back side to accept a nut. This way wont put any stress on the wood even tho the laminate will be stronger.
    Thats option a. Looking to find option b which is the twist and lock flush mount kind but havent found in ss yet.

    Final project is to consider putting on a muzzlemaster brake. This one is made locally where I am at in oregon. not advertised but its patent protected. It will reduce recoil by 40-50% and muffle the blast so that it is no louder than shooting without brake. It also reduces most of the flip. Can also get one with a built in tuner but not sure if that will be necessary. I havent shot mine with the right weld as had too high mounts to start with but I got .75 with my trial handloads at reduced velocity. id post pics but this site makes you resize. If interested can email me chrisberlin at me dot com.

    I think the blr is not as popular because of #1 cost and #2 many people grew up watchin westerns! ( winchester n marlin)
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    ps: can you send me a link to what the euro mounts look like thx
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    1.5-5X is an excellent hunting scope. My 358 BLR now wears mine. It moved from my 338WM, where it had been for years. Hey high power scope fans, neither of these rifles will be shooting gophers.
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    My 358 also carries a 1.5-5. Great minds think alike.:oldman: I used to live back-to-back with a gunsmith, He would put Limbsaver pads in his freezer overnight to simplify the grinding to fit.

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