The Orvis Wingshooting Handbook

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    This little book by Bruce Bowlen be the best $20 you can spend if your into swinging a shotgun. It’s packed with heap of fundamentals and body mechanics that serve anybody well especially if your newer to shotgunning..
    I would recommend hunting around trying to get a first edition as it was actually illustrated with sketches by Bruce Bowlen himself who was a a senior instructor and director with Orvis for many years.
    The reprinted later editions have been revised and trimmed so not quite as good.
    It’s only 82 pages but worth every cent and very handy resource to have on the shelf or at hand
    if your introducing somebody to either wing shooting or Clays.
    Even if your an accomplished shot there is snips in here worth re visiting and imprinting.
    You find this one at thrift bookstores for peanuts.
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