"Shotgunning" The Art And The Science

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    If you like bit of fact verse fiction of the shotgun world this book has some interest and certainly disproves some fables still doing the rounds.
    Author Bob Brister and his wife Sandy were the original shotgun "MythBusters" pair long before Adam & Jamie arrived on the TV set.
    Sandy deserves a bravery award if you read the book.
    Although dated now Bob did a fantastic job with limited technology available to test , prove and try his theories on all different things from patterns, lead , gun mount , shot sizes and chokes you name it.
    The game of Sporting Clays as played today owes a lot to him as one of the pioneer thinkers.
    Word of warning. This is not a novel and very dry and boring at times, certainly covers off on many interesting aspects of what your shotgun and chokes are really capable of and it's all still relevant.

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