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  1. Daily new to reloading. Done some with a friend and since I'm paying $3 per shot I figured it would end up being cheaper to reload my own ammo. Was hoping to get some tips on the brand of reloading equipment I should get, and what all a beginner would need. Thank you
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    Start with a good reloading manual
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    It would be helpful to know what you are loading for, shotgun, pistol, or rifle?
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    I only reload shotshells (12g and 20g), and love my MEC Sizemasters! But Rudolph nailed it... while I love my MEC's (possibly because I have never used any other brand), there may be better reloaders on the market for brass.
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    My Uncle Bill had a few RCBS reloaders for his rifle rounds, and really loved them. I remember as a kid, watching him stand there and crank out bullets over and over. At first, I had no idea what exactly he was doing (I was young and had no firearm experience or knowledge at the time), and it looked like a complex process, but he really had it down to an art.
    How I miss that man.
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    That $3.00 a round sounds like .50 BMG. If so, it will cost so much money to start up that you'd need to be shooting Ma Deuce to recoup the expense.
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    Or a .338 Lapua Mag. I feel that pain from experience with my Sig Sauer Tactical 2. Expensive little fella to shoot, but a good round. Some of those big game, long range target, anti-armorment & anti-personnel calibers can get really expensive.

    Hummm... I wonder how much 20 rounds of .50cal MK-211 Raufoss ammounition would cost? Nevermind, I probably don't want to know.
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  9. RCBS all way. Have been reloading for 10 years and have tried a lot of different equipment , and have found you can’t do better then RCBS.

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