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Discussion in 'Browning 1911 - 380 Handgun' started by Batty, Mar 9, 2019.

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    I have both calibers and I have questions about the recoil springs. I called Browning and ordered new recoil springs and was told both the .22 and the .380 use the same recoil spring. I found this odd but hey I need to trust their service, and what do I know, right? So I ordered some and they sent me what appear to be springs for the .22. I just want to have some extras on hand.

    When I field strip the gun, it is obvious that they do not use the same spring.

    The .22 has a 4.7”, 40 coils. The .380 is 4.3”, 27 coils. These are for the full size guns.

    If you have either of these guns, can you tell me which spring you have and which caliber you have?

    I absolutely HATE that Browning doesn’t have part lists online for these pistols and I have to rely on their customer service people to send me the right stuff (at $8 a pop for shipping). I just think there is no way a .22 and a.380 could be using the same springs and based on what I see when I strip the gun, they don’t.
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    I have the 'shorter' 380 and I know your asking about the 'longer' 380, but as no one has replied to your post, maybe my measurements may help some. My 380 spring is 3.625" and has 25 coils.
  3. Batty

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    Thank you. My husband wants to know if that coil count included the first and last “flat” coils, too.
  4. MCPO

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    Assuming you mean the muzzle end of the spring. I counted it as one.
  5. I have the compact model model also...and have been meaning to take measurements of mine. Since there is virtually NO aftermarket support for our pistols (with respect to springs) I am going to see if I can find something 'close' that will work. I would very much like to have a slightly heavier recoil spring and an appreciably heavier hammer spring.

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