Real world difference between 3” vs 2 3/4” 00 buckshot for home defense.

Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by Rgrigutis, Jul 26, 2022.

  1. Rgrigutis

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    Selling my old 870 2 3/4 “ and thinking of rem 870 dm w/3” capability. Anything really to be gained here in home defense situation. Thanks rick
  2. Ranger6

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    In my opinion you would be gaining nothing especially for home defense. Shells more expensive. More recoil for the most part.
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  3. Coyote56

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    Carried a Remington 870 for over 25 years..always used 2 3/4” shells. Still do but now in a Mossberg 930 SPX.
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  4. Mley1

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    Nothing really to gain in a home defense situation, just a few pellets. At the close ranges of home defense, the bad guy isn't going to notice. I actually prefer the 2 3/4 shells as they kick less.
  5. In a home defense situation with close quarters, I see no advantage with 3" shells. A 2 3/4" shell with 8 00 balls will reach out and touch someone just as effective as a 3" 00 with 12 balls. You will never look at the perp and say "I should have used 3" buckshot to make a 4 more holes." Dead is dead.
  6. Ranger6

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    Nothing plain ole bird shot won't do inside a home, unless of course you are Bill Gates or Tesla boy, with a living room longer than an airport runway. Hell, a rubber bullet makes for a really bad day.
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  7. Auzzie

    Auzzie 20g

    Would be going with whatever gives you best control and least muzzle flip. Couldn’t imagine the Coroner be worried if pellet count was 8 or 12.
    Your lucky to be able to have and use firearms for home defence.
    My World 10000 miles South limited to possibly using a can of wasp spray or a fire extinguisher to defend yourself or home /family without getting locked up and charged .
    A Country gone completely soft in the head
    Look after and fight to keep your amendment rights or you be sorry like here.
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