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Discussion in 'Browning Superposed Shotgun' started by David TK Hayes, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. David TK Hayes

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    Good day, I am new to the forum. Used to shoot a lot of trap, and I have a very nice 1967 Belgium made Pigeon Grade trap gun with 32" barrel.

    I have off and on tried to sell it for a few years, I simply do not shoot much anymore. Looking online at prices on various sites, gunsinternational and few others. I see prices all over the place for these fine guns. Upwards of $7000, but most seem to be in the $3000-$4000 range

    That is where I priced the gun initially and dropped the price substantially, to somewhere around $2600 - never even got an inquiry on it.

    So the question is... are the ones that are for sale at higher prices just sitting there? Are people actually buying/selling these and what is a reasonable price? It is in excellent (not perfect) condition, and still works like clockwork. Been in our family since new.

    Obviously if I drop the price to $1500, I bet I sell it in a day.... but would rather consider a reasonable offer and as well, set my expectations accordingly.

    opinions appreciated on the current market and thanks

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  2. Rudolph31

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    Go to Gunbroker, advanced search, completed items. You’ll find actual sales prices.
  3. David TK Hayes

    David TK Hayes Copper BB

    thanks - that helped some - no Pigeon Grade models in there, but there are plenty of similar models
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  4. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    From 1966-71 Browning used Salt Wood on many Superposed shotguns, particularly high end guns like yours. Buyers are leery.

  5. Anatidae

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    In addition, 32” Broadway ribs generally command much lower prices than narrow ribbed guns with 28” ‘field’ style configurations.
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