New Buckmark camper vs. Ruger Mark 3

Discussion in 'Browning Mark Handgun' started by Sean2202, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Just picked up a Buckmark Camper the other day. Thought I got a great deal at Cabelas $399 minus a 20$ coupon another $20 for signing up for Cabelas club plus the rebate from browning on top of it all.

    Here is a few pictures of it next to my Ruger Mark 3 stainless.

    The grips on the browning are much more comfortable than the Ruger.

    The case on the Browning is also much nicer than the Ruger.

    One thing that the Ruger has over the Camper is that it came with two magazines. I had to purchase a second for the Buckmark at $30.

    Here is my first ten shots. A very nice shooter and am very happy with it.

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