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Discussion in 'Browning Auto A-5' started by adamb3, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. adamb3

    adamb3 Copper BB

    I purchased one of the Briley extended bowl release button faces and while trying to drive out the pin that holds the whole assembly in place, I just can't get the thing to budge. I'd picked up a Guns Digest shotgun book awhile back that covers this model, and there's nothing tricky indicated aside from just turning the receiver over and driving the pin out. No hydraulic press to try, I did give it a shot of PB Blaster in hopes that the pin would give in and slip out, no luck there however.

    Has anyone removed this? It just feels like I'm pounding that punch awfully hard without any response.
  2. Ranger6

    Ranger6 20g

    Sometimes they get rusted in there. Soak in pb blaster and add a little heat. Still may have to hit it pretty hard for it to start moving. Use a good punch and the correct size. It will come out.
  3. win7stw

    win7stw 20g

    If you can get some Kroil. We use it at work and it’s unreal how well it works. Might have to let it sit overnight
  4. Ranger6

    Ranger6 20g

    Just re-read your post. Dazed and confused here. Are you sure that it’s a pin and not a screw? If it is a pin they do get stuck with rust, dirt and grime. If screw you need a good screw driver that will fit correctly. They will be tight, esp of never removed before.
  5. adamb3

    adamb3 Copper BB

    It turns out, inside the receiver, about 1/4” in from the bottom, there’s a slot cut which hides the worlds third smallest “hitch pin”. And that’s why I couldn’t knock it out. I don’t have the time to get into it tonight but the A5 Posse Facebook page replied to a message and clued me into the pins presence. I’ll document the pin and the button install process in a week or so when I can get at it. I want to have it done for a class on the 18th, so sooner than later ;)
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  6. Kevin colwell

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    How did it go I wanna do that too those buttons are small and I use mine to shoot trap thanks Kevin
  7. adamb3

    adamb3 Copper BB

    Hey I apologize for not following up on this! It went really well. The little “hitch” pin inside the receiver slides out easily with a little pick to pull it, and then a paper clip pushed the button retaining pin out with ease. No pounding necessary hehe. The assembly pops out in a couple of pieces, try to get a photo of everything for reference. It’s not terribly difficult and mine showed a little wear in the finish of the components that helped indicate which way everything went. The hardest part is squaring up the button in a little machinist vice to drill it with. It’s very soft metal, I used a punch to mark center, and surprisingly the button face is quite thin as well. I wasn’t so sure about it but went ahead and tapped the threads, and with a small dab of loctite on the screw the new enlarged briley button stayed on without issue for a 4 day tactical shotgun course. Went through about 500 bird/buckshot and slugs in those 4 days, with a significant amount of bolt manipulation, port loading from empty, etc. I feel if it wasn’t going to hold up it would have let go during the course. I do need to try ordering the new bolt however. The first time I took the class I had extraction issues, and the onsite armorer added a ball bearing below the extractor spring. However the issues returned this trip. Partial blame could be attributed to the federal head lip, its fairly sloped compared to the buckshot and slugs, and I could slip the extractor off just yanking the bolt back by hand. Hopefully the new part number resolved this.
  8. adamb3

    adamb3 Copper BB

    Perhaps most importantly, boy does it work well! I didn’t expect the little bit of additional leverage to work so well, and the yellow anodize looks sharp on my black gun with the gold trigger shoe, I feel.
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