My review of the Browning BPS Upland Special

Discussion in 'Browning BPS Shotgun' started by Upland Special, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Upland Special

    Upland Special Copper BB

    Well fellow Browning enthusiast, I finally got to take out my new BPS Upland Special 12 gauge for a few rounds of informal clay pigeon shooting. So here is my review of the gun from an aesthetics and performance point of view.

    Aesthetically, the gun I purchased is a notch above most production guns. The bluing is rich and deep, beckoning back to the good old days when most gun manufacturers could put a nice finish on the metal of a gun. There are no thin spots and all of the metal finish is even. The wood is plain straight grained walnut with a satin finish which is fine by me on a gun that is meant to be a field gun. The woods finish is good, but plain and looks to be machine checkered, which on a gun in this price range is par for the course. The checkering provided a positive grip, never once did my hands slip from sweat in the 95 degree Kansas heat while shooting.

    Where this gun shined was while shooting. It's straight English grip and short 22 inch barrel came up to the shoulder quickly and I dusted everything that I shot at once I got used to the stock (I had never shot anything with an English stock). It cycled perfectly, there were no jams or misfeeds while using Winchester AA target loads. The pump action on my gun is smooth as butter and I imagine will only improve with time. Although I have never used a gun with a tang mounted safety, I like it. It is natural and much less awkward than safeties mounted on the trigger guard. The gun has a thin recoil pad that seemed to work fine, that said, I shoot a ten gauge that I don't find objectionable either, so your mileage may very. The gun is somewhat heavy given its size, but it balances and carries well, at least for me any way. I did not have time to try a patterning board. As I mentioned, I dusted every target that I shot at once I got used to the gun, so I believe that it patterns well and is a straight shooter. (I will pattern it and give the results when I get time.)

    I bought this gun to hunt rabbits, which is my first love, but also for dove, quail and pheasants. For that purpose I think we are going to have a long, happy life together. This gun is fast to the shoulder and accurate in my hands; those rabbits that present only a brief picture of themselves before darting off into the cedars are as good as on the table as far as I am concerned.

    In conclusion, I feel that this gun was a bargain. It seemed better finished that the Wingmasters I looked at, and more importantly, functioned flawlessly. The BPS cost less and seemed like more gun for the money than anything else in it's price range. And let's face it, sometimes it is nice to have something that is a bit different than what everyone else has. My buddies who joined me could not keep their filthy mits off of it. They will have to get their own. :D
  2. DHonovich

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    Great review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your Browning BPS Upland Special. It sounds like you will have a fun reliable shotgun that will get the job done day in and day out.
  3. Billythekid

    Billythekid Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Nice write-up!! I only hear great things about the Browning BPS, which means that i am going to have to pick one up down the road. When you get a chance would love to see some pictures of it.
  4. Upland Special

    Upland Special Copper BB

    Billy, I will do my best to post pictures if I can. I have never posted pictures before, but I am sure with a little help I will manage.
  5. Billythekid

    Billythekid Administrator Staff Member Administrator

  6. longslide10

    longslide10 Copper BB

    Here's a photo of a BPS Upland Special 20 ga, that I'm saving for my grandson. I had the Pachmayr kick pad installed.
  7. huntinslabs

    huntinslabs Copper BB

    Nice write up. I have the standard BPS hunter but am longing for an upland hunter.
  8. Setters4life

    Setters4life .270 WIN

    Nice write-up.

    I've always liked the Upland Special configuration (straight stock, shorter barrel) but never got one. I thought about the 20 ga., but would really prefer the 16 ga. in that configuration, as I'm a big fan of that gauge. Someday I'll find the right one at the right price. It's on my "list of things to get."

    While blasphemous to admit this on a Browning forum, I have Remington's version of a straight-grip, short barreled pump; the 870 Special Field in 12 ga. An early one with fixed IC choke, it's taken pheasant, grouse and woodcock for me and has been a good field companion for a number of years now. At 7 lbs., it's light enough to carry all day. I use mostly 1 oz. and 1 1/8 oz. loads and it's a comfortable shooter. I shoot skeet with it often using 7/8 oz. loads. The only gripe I have is with the 21" bbl. It's a little too short for my liking, and it's loud; but I can look past some things.
  9. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest

    Superb review...well done Upland Special !!
  10. martin610

    martin610 .22LR

    I took my BPS upland special out hunting for the first time last Tuesday. I have the 16 gauge. Nailed a pheasant first time out! I am in New Jersey and hunting public land is a bit of a challenge. Bird flies up, I have trees in the way, have to duck around them and I still hit the bird. I find the BPS light and responsive, very glad I bought it.
  11. Hairtrigger

    Hairtrigger .270 WIN

    Great job!
    The best review I could muster is smooth action , thumb safety, bottom eject, no pump shotgun is better
  12. bgold

    bgold .22LR

    My favorite pump as long as you don't mind the weight. Bottom eject is great for right handed or lefties, and the shells shuck right in the blind when duck/goose hunting.

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