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Discussion in 'Browning Maxus Shotgun' started by MaxusSporting, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. MaxusSporting

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    Recently bought a used Maxus Sporting model about 5 years old. Beautiful gun, really like the feel of it. Cleaned it completely before shooting first time then after each sporting clays round of 50 since then. My first 200 rounds of 2 3/4 Fiocchi 1 oz loads were fine. Changed to 1 1/8 oz load today and had 2 failures to load/feed the second round toward the end of the session. Both times the first shell ejected but the second shell was almost aligned with but did not enter the chamber. I was able to push the bolt handle forward to load and fire both times. I took it completely apart afterwards. Didn't see anything unusual, similar fouling as I had seen before. Just wondering if others have experienced this type of failure to load/feed.
  2. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest fired 200 rounds...then fired the 1 1/8oz right after that and it had 2 FTF...

    I would say the breach was fouled...isn't that what you discovered when cleaning it...?

    200 rounds is a lot of unburnt powder and plastic crud in one session...then 2 FTF and how many more shells in between or after that...?

    See what I'm getting at...
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    Shooter has a point. But I believe European shells aren't tapered and your gun will have more trouble feeding them than American loads. Especially when dirty.
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    Sorry, I wasn't clear on how I've shot the gun up to now. Let me give you a little more info. I bought this gun as part of an estate sale. The prior owner was a frequent shooter was known to take good care of his guns. When I got the gun it was in very good condition externally. Internally it looked very good as well, just a little dirty. My first cleaning, before shooting it, showed only a little carbon buildup on the outside of the magazine tube where the gas piston sits. That came off easily. It appeared to have been shot and not thoroughly cleaned before being sold. I shot a 50 round of Sporting Clays (1 oz loads) with no problems. Then cleaned it. It was much dirtier and carbon fouling on the magazine tube was heavier than when I got the gun. Got all of that cleaned then shot another 50 round a few days later. Cleaned it afterwards, condition was similar to the the first shoot. Then shot another 50 rounds, cleaned it then another 50 rounds and cleaned it. All of the first 200 rounds I shot were with Fiocchi 1 oz loads and I had no problems. I will say that up until the last cleaning I had been leaving the magazine and gas piston sleeve essentially dry with little oil. After reading some info on how to clean and lube the gun I used a bit more Rem Oil that the first three cleanings. I bought some Fiocchi 1 1/8 oz loads and shot yesterday. No problems until I got to the end of the session after shooting about 45 rounds. That's when the first failure to feed occurred. Then I shot a couple more ok then another failure to feed occurred. When I cleaned it there appeared to be about the same amount of carbon buildup on the magazine tube as before, possibly a bit more. I should have examined it closer to see if the extra Rem Oil I had used may have gummed it up but just didn't notice that. Since posting yesterday I did run across some info on what appears to be the same problem on a Canadian web site (don't have the link handy right now but can get it later). There was a comment about using some other oil than Rem Oil that doesn't contain teflon, and polishing a part of the carrier which may have sharp edges interfering with the shell feeding. Since this gun has been shot a lot and I didn't experience the problem initially I think I'll focus on the cleaning and lube area first. Seems like burrs on the carrier would have been causing the problem for a long time which I don't think was the case. Hope this helps. Any more suggestions would be appreciated. I'll update after I shoot again.
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    Still... a lot of rounds and crud can foul the piece.

    Sounds like you must clean it more often when putting it through that amount of shells.

    Or maybe change brands...I really don't know how else we can help you. You are beating it pretty hard and expecting nothing but perfect.

    It's a Browning...but it's also a machine...prone to failure on that scale of use.
  6. I'm very late to this thread but I've had this problem now with 2 Golden Clays. The 1st was with one I was trying to sell. The guy gave it back and said the shell got hung up. I looked at the chamber and I thought the guy must have dropped it or something. I tried filing it smooth but no luck. I bought a brand new Hunter, 26" barrel to use hunting but it STILL HUNG UP right out of the box. My other Sporting Clays has gorgeous wood and I use it for sporting clays. I have shot it on and off for 54 years but rotate with other guns. I just cleaned it this week and while shooting SC it too, started hanging up. WTH!!!!!!

    One barrel was brand new and the other newly cleaned. It must be a design flaw. I'm totally bummed out because I shoot this gun so well and wanted to use it for pheasant hunting.

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