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  1. I've been shopping for a little while for the right deal on a vintage HP, and finally found it! A 1969 C series that appears to have never been fired, or loaded for that matter. All the machining lines on the feed ramp and breech face are totally unmarred. Not a mark on the mag follower, and not a speck of rust anywhere. It had all the particular character traits I was looking for...fixed sights, ring hammer, external extractor, walnut grips, and Browning markings (vs FN). I'm not sure I can bring myself to fire this one since it appears to have never been fired. The one odd thing about this one is it also appears to have maybe been a police issue. It's been (discreetly) engraved with a number on the frame, slide, barrel, and mag...same number on each, beginning with FO. I don't suppose anybody here can identify that, can they? Anyway, it's a real beauty, and just what I was looking for. IMG_20200225_200709.jpg
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  2. Nice.

    I sure wish I knew where these things could be had. I live in a state where everything worth having gets bought up pretty fast.
  3. You can find them all day long on Gunbroker, as long as you're willing to pay the price. Needless to say, they've "appreciated" in value since Browning stopped producing them.
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  4. Soundguy

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    Shoot it!

    The extra "engraving" is probably not of value to a collector and has marred an otherwise perfect gun.
    Replace some springs and shoot it.
  5. You reckon a gun that's never been fired needs new springs?
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    I do reckon a 51 year old gun that has never been fired does need new springs!

    I have a 1943 HP that was fired very little for 60 plus years.
    The sear spring alone was so weakened that it would have gone full auto with the first trigger pull.
    For very few dollars, it shoots quite well and safely.
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    Photos showing the added markings!! The one photo is insufficient to comment, is the pistol blued or is that a shiny black paint? The C series, like most Hi Powers is a beautiful weapon.
  8. Some people just like Hi-Power porn. (I'm looking at you, mikey. ;) )
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    Waddya mean? 1C08AF0F-35A2-4CC7-A9C5-3F0333DBC83D.jpeg
  10. @Ibmikey: As Don Rickles used to say, "I tease because I love." I love your collection, and I love your enthusiasm for the Hi-Power (my favorite gun).

    ¡Andale pues!
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    Well Mister Coffee I love coffee ( nothing personal here) and seem to excess on my other interests, Hi Powers are second to my 1911’s and Colt SAA revolvers...and Winchester lever rifles and carbines and seventy Star pistols of all types and AR’s and US Carbines and.....etc etc etc I do enjoy interaction with those of similar interests.
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  12. IMG_20200324_210608.jpg IMG_20200324_210650.jpg IMG_20200324_210738.jpg IMG_20200324_210830.jpg Blued...and beautifully, I might add. The pics don't do it justice. The finish is pristine. Very happy to score such a stunner. I took Soundguy's advice and put in a spring kit from Wilson Combat. That hammer spring is a mother! I've not gotten to shoot it yet, and now all the ranges around here are closed thanks to the Mexican beer virus. Here are pics of where it was oh so discreetly engraved...slide, barrel, frame, and mag.

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  13. Sorry, I have no idea how the pics keep duplicating, but the harder I try to fix it, the worse it gets. I'm just going to leave it alone now.
  14. That would have been dandy, but I got the wife to start the nut back on while I compressed the spring. I'll know for next time. Thanks.
  15. Ibmikey

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    The Hi Power is amazingly simple design that works to perfection, I am not caught up in the “change all the springs” ideology having 1911’s over a hundred years old, Winchester’s over 150 years old, bunches of Hi Powers, 1911a1’s, S&W pistols etc., etc., that are seventy years and less and running fine. I do replace as needed but do not replace all springs when acquiring a new firearm.
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