Info Request: A Bolt 2 M1000 Eclipse in .300 WSM

Discussion in 'Browning A-Bolt Rifle' started by Flrlayer, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Flrlayer

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    Could you guys give me any information on these rifles? I've been offered one in trade and I can't find much information on them as far as price used, quality, accuracy, etc. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!
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    The Browning A-Bolt M-1000 Eclipse is a bolt-action hunting rifle chambered for 6 different cartridges. What sets the M-1000 Eclipse apart from other A-Bolts is its laminated gray stock with satin finish. The stock also has a thumb-hole grip and an integrated Monte Carlo cheek piece, which is slightly raised. The M-1000 Eclipse also offers Browning’s Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System barrels. Browning describes a BOSS barrel as an adjustable threaded barrel attachment that promises to completely tame barrel vibrations in order to maximize accuracy.

    Other features include a free-floated barrel, so when the barrel heats and swells it won’t press against the stock. Browning’s Top Tang safety, which places the safety on the tang (or the back of the pistol grip where the action hand’s thumb naturally falls). It also has a shortened 60-degree bolt lift and an adjustable four-pound trigger.

    Browning recommends the A-Bolt M-1000 Eclipse for deer and larger game.


    .300 WSM

    Caliber: .300 WSM

    Capacity: 3

    Sights: None

    Features: *
    Optional* Browning's Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System (BOSS; Adjustable trigger; Top-Tang safety; free floated barrel; and recoil pad

    Action: Bolt

    Stock: Gray laminated/satin

    Material/Finish:Steel/matte blued

    Scope drilled and tapped for scope mounts

    Weight: 9.8 pounds

    Barrel Length: 26"

    Twist:1 in 10"

    Length of Pull: 13.75"

    Overall Length: 45.75"

    Drop at Comb: 0.6"

    Drop at Heel: 0.5"
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    Used prices can be checked at any Firearm Auction website:

    Guns America
    Gun Broker
    Gun Auction

    Condition will alter the prices from your offer in trade and the ones you find at the Auction sites... "Caveat emptor" { Buyer Beware }
  4. Flrlayer

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    I checked the auction sites. I only found one completed on GunBroker. Gunauction had a couple but they were older auctions. I'm just worried about the used price. I know they were expensive new but I'm thinking the Boss system wasn't popular with resale. I usually don't sell anything I buy but I will trade from time to time. Thanks again.
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    Boss System is either liked or hated...other members will weigh in on that...Good Luck !!
  6. Flrlayer

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    Thank you. It is stainless too, if that makes a difference.
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    I prefer stainless for a hunting rifle in the elements...and stainless will raise the price some...

    but, others have different opinions and likes. You will hear all the opinions if you stick around here long me.
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    Agreed! I'm new to Browning but I'm on the Marlin, Winchester, and S&W sites.
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    Copy too !!

    I moderate the Mossberg...Browning...Remington...Ithaca...Winchester... and H&R 1871 Owners Forums.

    ...and then some.
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    Fantastic, another all around enthusiast!
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