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    ....in the upper left hand corner of your 48 state map.

    Was looking for some information on a Browning 1885 and discovered this site. While signing up, I realized that I've owned several Brownings; at one time, I owned every Low Wall 1885 they made (in the '90s). I shot varmints with a .22 Hornet, .223 Rem and 243 Win. An antelope and deer with .260 Rem. Plinking with a 38/.357 and .45 Colt. Still have the Hornet and the .357. All were very accurate and except for the .357 and 45 Colt, all had Leupold scopes. Before that, a Browning FN Mauser, a B-78 and a couple of Hi-Powers.

    Have both the 1911-22 and 1911-380. I think the 380 is possibly one of the most (at least by the sporting press) overlooked pistols available for concealed use

    Anyway, I enjoy the site. Thanks to all who contribute/
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