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  1. shaynewin

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    Hi all have a Belgium made T bolt rifle with X3 end to serial number which appears earlier than 1964 start of production, anybody know if this is possible cheers
  2. ghola74

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    I also have a Belgian T-Bolt that has a serial number that doesn't make any sense. It ends in an X3 as well but these were not produced until 1965 right?

    Thanks for any help.
  3. Billythekid

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    hey all, not too familiar with the T-bolt but i will see if i can do some digging for you. All the best.

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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum Gentlemen !!
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    Thanks for the welcome and any info you might have!
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    I found a long history of Browning firearms with serial number info at "sportingarms.freeservers.com" and stored the document on my phone. I can't get back to the original URL but here is the quote on the Belgian T-bolt.

    "First introduced in 1964, the date of manufacture for this model will be found with the serial number. The product code for this model was the letter "X" for a time; after 1976 the codes were 116 for grade 1, 216 for grade 2."

    I have an "X6" T2 and yes I have seen inconsistencies with serial number designations at browning.com vs. what I have read in the Hi Power section of the 1911-Forum too.

    I have read there are issues when manufacturing moved from Belgium to Japan and just some basic mistakes with numbering parts, transposed numbers for example. Also I bet FN manufacturing and Browning importation may not align exactly.

  7. b79holmes

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  8. SHOOTER13

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    Thanks for sharing that info and link Bill...!!
  9. I have a 1966 circa FN made T bolt and am trying to find the proper scope mounts to fit its grooved receiver. I bought a Browning part number 12365 set of rings/bases and while they fit the groove of the receiver they will not tighten up enough to fully grasp the groove. Oh so close, but no cigar. The receiver of my T bolt is not drilled and tapped for any screw type mountings.
    Anybody know the correct part number of the rings/bases I need for this rifle and where I might find them?
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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum Rip !!
  11. Cedarhill

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    I had a Grade 1 T bolt with serial # 5270x6 that was stolen from me and I believe now that it was a salt gun because it kept rusting on me, I miss it.
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  12. I do have the new Miroku T Bolt. Despite being around firearms a lot, never once have I seen an older T Bolt. My new one is phenomenal. It is in Super Grade Custom Maple. Some day, I will get to see an older one. Even the new ones are scarse in my district. Which I think is odd considering the outstanding quality. I am curious to see some of the Walnut
    Stocked T Bolts.

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