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    If you have or know of a source for FN Superposed catalogs or advertisements from pre-war thru 1978, it would be helpful. I currently have a 1952 FN Superposed catalog. I would also hope to find a copy of ‘les Graveurs de Herstal’ brochure c. 1987-1992.

    Si vous avez ou connaissez une source pour les catalogues superposés FN ou des publicités de pré-guerre Thru 1978, il serait utile. J'ai actuellement un 1952 FN superposées catalogue. J'espère également trouver une brochure publicité de les gravuers de Herstal, 1987-1992.

    très cordialement
    'Le petit poisson'
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  2. Bon chance !
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    Thank You. Please watch for one when you go to Germany in November.
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    Anatidae .22LR

    Thank You. I have one of the guns featured in the brochure. It is based on characters and themes from Richard Wagner’s ‘Der Ring des Nibelung’. I thought you might find this interesting since you are from Germany.

    The scene on the left side is based on an oil painting by Konrad Wilhelm Dielitz (1845-1933) entitled ‘To Valhalla’ which was strongly influenced by Wagnerian costumes and stage decorations from the Beruit premiere.

    The brochure would ad significant provenance to the new acquisition.

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