dented shotgun barrel remedy

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    Any body here know how to get it out?
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    Might be helpful to know a little more about it...

    Firearm Type for example...
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    It's my over and under 12 ga top barrel about 5" from mussel, It's also made in Japan
    It's a DENT Not a bulge (sorry) it's dented in about 1/16 of an inch about the size of a dime.
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    I think the standard method is to cut off the damaged portion, but 5 inches is an awful lot of barrel to lose. I’d call Art’s.
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    most good gunsmiths should have dent removal tools .A long rod is fed into the barrel to the point of the dent ,some i have seen use hydraulics to expand collets outwards pushing out the dent others are expanded by hand as the collets are drawn tight to the barrel wall by a screw thread as you turn the handle.IF the barrel dent has a sharp crease heat is introduce to soften up the steel a bit but this takes real skill plus re-bluing.Let us know what your quoted .


    Thank you but it aint my gun and the young man has been shooting it for some time the way it is, but again thank you for taking the time to talk to me about it.

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