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    I am relatively new to the Hi-Power scene. I am basically a .45 guy. Been shooting for over 50 years. Never shot a 9mm until about 4 years ago and obviously had never owned a 9mm firearm. Now I have acquired two T-series Hi-Powers. Both of which I have installed Cylinder & Slide hammers and sears, extended safeties, and new Wolff recoil springs. The first gun looked like it had been dragged behind a pickup on a gravel road at the end of a logging chain. I had that gun (frame and slide only) cerakoted to look like stainless and installed Novak lo-mount fixed sights. Looks amazing and shoots as good as it looks. The second gun wasn't as badly beat up and I'm going to leave the finish as-is. I also put a set of Heine fixed sights on it. I shoots just as well as the first gun.
    Now to my question. I was offered a box of +P+ ammo. I declined because I didn't know if these guns could handle it. Then I was offered a box of +P ammo which I also declined for the same reason. So how strong are these mid '50s guns? Can they handle a steady diet of hot ammo, an infrequent diet, or stay away altogether? Thanks for any comments or information.
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    Thanks. I had suspected that but it's nice to have confirmation.

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