BT-99 Plus Round Count Over 11,000 !!

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    In 1994 when we were living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona I purchased a new Browning BT-99 Plus shotgun for Trapshooting. I have always kept a log of the rounds I put through it, just for fun. In 1997 we moved to the Phoenix area, and shortly after that many of the trap clubs around there closed. (Litchfield Park Trap & Skeet, Surprise Sportsman's Club, Red Mountain).

    The only place for me to shoot was Ben Avery, and that was over 30 miles each way. So my trap guns went silent until this past Fall. Now I'm retired, and this past July we moved back to Lake Havasu City for good. I joined my old gun club here, (a beautiful, friendly facility), and cranked up the old BT. (After giving it a good cleaning and lube job).

    This past Sunday it went over the 11,000 round mark. I'm very careful with it, and the gun looks like the day I took it out of the box, and put it together for the first time. It still locks up tighter than a bank vault. I know there are trap shooters who shoot that much in a year. But for me this gun has proven it's durability. I'm now 67 and shoot it every weekend, weather permitting. I'm sure it will serve me for as long as I'm healthy enough to keep mounting it and pulling the trigger.
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    Congrats...Down here there are lots of high mileage BT's. When I got mine from an older shooter I thought I saw a tear in his eye when hr handed it to me.. I only sold it to get a 30" Citori for doubles which I eventually traded for my XT Trap

    The bt is the one I wished I never sold.
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