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    I have had many Browning shotguns over a long period of time including two Belgium A5s and a couple of Citoris. I have used them for hunting and clay shooting and been very pleased with their quality and reliability.
    A few years ago I wanted a new A5 that could handle 3" hunting loads for duck hunting. I ordered a A5 ultimate and when it came I was disappointed with the engraving on the receiver. The depth of the engraving faded at the stock end. I called Browning and sent it back. They said that they were having trouble with the process and would send me a new gun as soon as they fixed the problem and were manufacturing them again. I called Browning every 6 months for a year and 1/2 and finally gave up and asked them to send me the A5 hunter high grade.
    I took the new gun duck hunting once in the rain. Two problems occured. The hard finish on the stock cracked with the moisture. The black finish on the receiver rubbed off where it slid along the gunnel of the aluminum canoe. I think that the aluminum receiver is not blued but is just painted. I have used blued shotguns in that same canoe and never had the problem. I would include photos but the file is too large.
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    My brand new A5 16 ga. is currently back to Browning. I lightly hunted this gun 3 times and noticed the black finish (whatever it is) , Flaking/chipping off the trigger guard.. .......... Lets see what they do. Shouldn't happen on a $1400 gun!
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    UPDATE. Called Browning and they had me send the gun back. They received it Feb 1st and I received it back March 5th with a new trigger group. No charge. I'm happy with the response and will hopefully have this issue resolved.
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