Browning x bolt varmint special (how much is it worth).

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how much is it worth

  1. 1000.00

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  2. 3000.00

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  1. I have a browning x bolt varmint special in 308- 762 nato. Build in 2013 for shot show. Has a vortex 6-24 pst scope. Scope cost was 1.000.00, rifle is in very good condition. This rifle is a true tact driver. Sub moa at 100 yards. Would like to know how much to ask for rifle and scope.One of 50 made.
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    Hello Clifford, welcome to the site.

    The best way to determine value is to go to Gunbroker, touch Advanced to the right of the Search button, and click on Completed Items. Results will include auctions with zero bids, ignore those.

    Since your rifle is special you probably won’t get an exact match. You’ll have to decide how much of a premium to ask. The same with the scope, which you may have to sell separately.

    Good luck.

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