Browning T-Bolt Rifle Troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Browning T-Bolt Rifle' started by Billythekid, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Billythekid

    Billythekid Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Here is the place to talk about any and all Troubleshooting for your Browning X-Bolt Rifle.
  2. Highland_Hunter

    Highland_Hunter Copper BB

    Hi, I'm looking for a little help.

    Just bought my first Browning T-Bolt, took it out to try and shot the first round. Then, when I tried to open the bolt and remove the empty casing, the bolt stuck fast and I cannot get it to move!

    I've looked through the instruction manual and I can't see if I'm doing anything wrong. Really don't want to have to take it back to the dealer as it's a fair way fro me to travel.

    Any ideas?? Thanks :(
  3. Billythekid

    Billythekid Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hey welcome to the Browning Owners Community!! Does the Bolt feel jammed or it moves but just doesnt want to release? Not sure if its a new T-bolt or not but i know the bolt release can be really stiff when brand new.
  4. Highland_Hunter

    Highland_Hunter Copper BB

    Hi, thanks for replying. It's a new T-Bolt, and the bolt handle is totally stuck, doesn't even wiggle a little. The trigger is stuck in too. The round shot fine but I'm thinking maybe the shell split in the barrel? Never had that happen before but I guess it could happen.

    I've contacted the dealer and he's taking it back to send to Browning anyway so hopefully it will be sorted one way or another!
  5. Billythekid

    Billythekid Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    thanks for the info and keep us updated on what they found is the problem.
  6. Highland_Hunter

    Highland_Hunter Copper BB

    Will do, thanks!
  7. Armymark

    Armymark .22LR

    So, any word on what happened?
  8. Ontarget

    Ontarget Copper BB

    Could it have a bolt lock such as on the x bolt ?
  9. Aussiebloke

    Aussiebloke Copper BB

    I know when we go spotlighting if i leave a spent case in the chamber for a couple of minutes my bolt becomes hard to pull back, think it might just be a pressure build up, lucky it's been used a bit though, if you pull the bolt a little on an angle and firm should be fine though.
  10. Willetts222

    Willetts222 Copper BB

    In need of some help if you guys can,

    I have had my T bolt 22 for maybe 2 years, I have put i dont know how many rounds through it without a single beat missed. Until that is about 6 months ago, every now and then i would fire a shot pull the bolt back only to find the claws had slippped the round, leaving the case hard up against the chamber, as you can imagine not easy to extract in the dark when lamping. I have been back to the local firearms shop where i purchased the gun (twice) the first time they gave it a clean and said it would not do it to them, the second time they changed the extractor claws. and it still does it!!! the other thing to add is sometimes when loading/ pushing the bolt forward it feels like the round is very tight in the chamber, have any of you had this same issue and recommendations.

    The rounds i use are the winchester subsonics.

  11. Chris H

    Chris H Copper BB

    Hey from the UK... recently bought a .22lr rimfire T bolt ... which is awesome ... been out hunting this weekend and every other shot the used shell is stuck up the chamber ... most annoying ! Is there an easy fix ?
    Phoned my local gun shop where i bought it and they told me to bring it in ... is this a common problem ? Had less than 200 rounds through it ?
    Help !

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