Browning 1911-22 fiber optic sights are way off

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  1. I was going to order the Black Label Medallion with the 3 dot sights, but "the guys" at the gun store talked me into ordering the gray slide model with the fiber optic sights, at a high price.

    The sights are OFF, big time. At first the gun was shooting around 3" high and 3" to the right at 7 yards. My husband was able, with great difficulty, to move the rear sight so it now shoots center, but still 3" high at 7 yards. I've tried 7 different kinds of ammo and no difference in that height problem. Some brands of ammo do produce much tighter groups, of course. I've shot it front a bench rest and standing in my normal shooting position with the exact same results. At 25 yards it shoots at least 12" high.

    FIVE phone calls to Browning. One to customer service got a guy who knows nothing about the gun but told me to call their parts/service department which I had tried twice already with only a busy signal. He said they were in a quarterly meeting so wait an hour. No difference at all.

    Wound up going to the store where I bought the gun. The guy there was totally stumped as to what can be done, and he also tried to phone Browning 3 times while I was there. Either you get a "sorry, we are having problems with our phones" or a busy signal.

    I also sent an email to Browning customer service through their web site and did not even receive an automated "we received your email" response. It is like nobody lives there!!!!

    I do not feel I should spend $50 to FedEx overnight an almost brand new over $600 gun back to Browning with other manufacturers happily send you a prepaid return label for guns which cost way less.

    I would replace the sights at my own expense if there were any made for this gun but there do not seem to be any AND the front sight is pinned and not replaceable by the owner. I am not going to pay a gunsmith $250 to remove the factory sights and drill into the slide to install a new set.

    Can anyone - anyone at all - give me any help or advice on what to do to get hold of Browning....or what I can do myself to make this gun usable?
  2. Over a week since I sent the email to Browning Customer Service and I had given up hope. However, I was pleasantly surprised today when I received an email from Browning with a return label and the form to fill out. It took me a while to do the writeup and get the target pictures printed that I wanted to include, and the box wasn't ready until after the UPS truck had already been for the day's pickup at our local "on its way" UPS place.

    Tomorrow is Thursday. Since it is 2nd day air I'm waiting until Monday to take it and drop it off at the shipping store so it doesn't get stuck in transit over the weekend. I have HOPES that Browning will fix either the front or rear sight for me! I might take a few weeks but I wanted to update my above negative comment. The email reply was very slow but it did come!

    I will update in however long it takes to find out if they are actually going to fix it or just charge me $30 for inspecting the gun and returning it.....which they specify they will do on their form that you fill out when you return a gun.
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    Have you tried a 6 o'clock hold on the target?
  4. Of course I tried a 6:00 hold. Shooting both from a bench rest and from standing, two handed. I was mostly shooting from 7 yards but other distances from 4 yards out to 25 yards. At 7 yards, even a 6:00 hold (unnatural for me!) the groups of 5 or groups of 10 shots were centered at 1 to 2" ABOVE the 1 1/2" black bullseye. At 25 yards it shot 12" high. This is not a bullseye target pistol. It is a 1911. I expect it to perform like a regular 1911, like my other guns, with the hole being where I line up the top of the sights.

    Comparing this Browning to my Ruger Mark IV Lite, the Lite shoots to point of aim OR as I get tired, my groups wander downward which is shooter induced, not gun induced. I have the same target groups with my SIG P238's and slightly smaller (more accurate) groups but same centered to POA with my Glock 42. And yes, some brands of ammo produce tighter groups, but all are too high with this Browning.

    With the Browning, NO WAY are any of my groups lower - all higher and higher!

    I looked up sight adjustment formulas on line and if the rear sight was 1.5m lower this gun would shoot to POA.

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