Barrel Retention Screw is a Bit Tight

Discussion in 'Browning Mark Handgun' started by RickCunn, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. RickCunn

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    I've got a Buckmark Hunter. I wanted to break it down to clean is properly. I just can not get the barrel retention screw loose. A 7/64 wrench seems to fit it best. I've already broken off one wrench in it (fortunately the wrench broke outside the hole). I am sure Browning would never use thread locker on it. Or do they? Any ideas how to get that screw out? Can anyone confirm the wrench size?

  2. RickCunn

    RickCunn Copper BB

    Ok. I found the manual. Browning says not to disassemble to clean. However the slide is easy to remove. So at least I can get to a lot of the important stuff to clean.
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  4. Davis

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    I had the exact same issue with my new Contour and finally applied a little heat and it came loose. Yes, they do use a thread lock on that screw. I have since removed it several times for cleaning with no issues.

    However, you are correct about not having to remove the barrel to clean it. I just read my manual and it says to insert the cleaning rod from the muzzle end. Very unusual, but I guess I need to follow the instructions. Or better yet, should have read them to start with.
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  5. RickCunn

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    Thanks for that. How do you heat it? Browning claims they use red Loctite, which has to be heated to near 500degF, per Loctite website.
  6. Davis

    Davis Copper BB

    I used a heat gun. Very carefully I might add, and it came loose. It didn't appear to be red Loctite but rather some kind of white gummy thread lock. I didn't clean it off so it would be there when I reinstalled it. Although I have had the barrel off several times, it has never come loose at any time after firing it.

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