A5 speed load conversion

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  1. Ordered a wolf spring for a5 today. Will find out in a couple of days. Does say it needs to be fitted.
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    Took it apart again and measured the spring. Attached some photos. Sorry about the poor quality and lighting.

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  3. Yes that is awesome. I also measured mine. Mine is a little shorter or the short end that rides on rear lifter. I tried a model 11 spring and it hand functions without flaw

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  4. Update: got new wolf carrier spring installed. Slight difference in spring, old spring has slight bend that new spring doesn’t have and new spring is slightly longer. Package that came with spring did say that spring required fitting in some cases. Decided to put it in a give it a try. 2 piece lifter no longer sticks or binds and moves freely when cycling by hand. Trip to the gun range yesterday. Speed function works great and it fires like designed. New problem: If 2 shells are loaded, it will fire both, but will not eject last fired shell and bolt stays foward. Load 3 shells, fired all but last shell not ejected. Load 4 shells, all fires but last shell not ejected.
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    I’ve heard of that before, and I believe that on all but the last shot, the bolt gets an extra push from the magazine spring. I’d try some hotter ammo, less friction, or both.
  6. I will do that. They were 1oz loads 1290 FPS. Going to order all new springs tomorrow.

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