1982 Citori with confusing markings

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    This was posted in Feb, 2014 and I have the same marking on my Citori.

    "Hi All,
    I have a 1982 Citori with 28" fixed choked barrels and a straight english stock. The barrels say:
    2 3/4 in. shells, but the last 3 numbers of the serial number are "103", which according to Browning's serial number chart makes this gun a 12 ga. "3 1/2" Gr.1 Hunting" model. :shock: How can this be, if the barrels say "2 3/4"? By the way, the serial numbers match on all parts of the gun, except the "103" is left off all but the receiver serial number. I am confused, can anyone out there illuminate me?"

    This is confusing as the 3 1/2" as said in the only response to the above question weren't introduced until 1988, and the Citori I (and he) have were made in 1982.

    My serial number is 13337PY103
    English Stock Straight Tang
    Short Field/Sporter 2 hole Brackett
    Fixed chokes
    On Barrel: Special Steel 12ga 2 3/4" 28"

    I , as the above, am confused.
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    I have quit using the Browning site as it’s incomplete at best and often just wrong. I use this site most often:

    http://www.nramuseum.org/media/940941/serialization-date of manufacture.pdf

    The NRA site does show 103 for the 3 1/2” gun, but below that it shows the 12 Gauge Trap model with no code listed. My guess is that they’re both 103 and Browning reused the code for the 3 1/2” model when the Trap gun was discontinued.
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    Thanks, makes sense.
    Great avatar, great aircraft.
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    Thank you, many years ago I was a DC3 Captain for a regional airline. I’m guessing you flew them too?

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    Sorry for the big delay in getting back.
    Funny what one see when you reread the whole question.

    No not a DC3 pilot, but would like to get the rating.
    I own a Mooney M20J
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    I like Mooneys, I instructed in them at Embry Riddle 40 years ago.

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