1972 Browning .308 BLR - Value?

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  1. BluesMtb

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    I have a friend is selling his dad's old Browning .308 BLR rifle (Belgium). I think it was made in 1972. It was left in a basement and has suffered some rust and pitting on the barrel. He sanded off most of the rust, and took a lot of the blueing off with it (from the barrel and most of the receiver).

    Photos below

    What would a fair price be for this rifle? As is.

    Appreciate your input.


    PS - Comes with a few boxes of 20 rounds imperial ammo with a price tags on them of $6.00 (Canadian).

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  2. BluesMtb

    BluesMtb Copper BB

    Anyone have any ideas for a fair selling price?
  3. Hairtrigger

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  4. BluesMtb

    BluesMtb Copper BB

    Thank you. I ended up buying it from my friend for $240USD. A winter project to get it back into shape. I am looking forward to testing her out.
  5. Hairtrigger

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    Make sure the internals are not rusty

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