1911-380 Right Side Thumb Safety Loose

Discussion in 'Browning 1911 - 380 Handgun' started by Brmprice, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Brmprice

    Brmprice New Member

    New 1911-380 Pro with Rail.

    I bought this gun because it had ambi thumb safety levers. I am a lefty.

    The left side safety lever is tight with no wiggle. However the right side safety lever has a good deal of side to side wiggle. After close inspection the right side is the pinned side. You can barely see a tiny roll pin holding it on the shaft.

    I called Browning gun tech and they say that the right side does have more play than the left because of the pin on that side.

    Can any of you other owners confirm that the right side lever seems loose?

    Thank you for your input.
  2. drewzter

    drewzter Member

    mine feel the same on both sides when using right handed and left handed. If I grab the right one and try to wiggle it side to side, it does move more than the left one. But it is not loose enough to notice while using the safety normally.
  3. cavelamb

    cavelamb Member

    I had the same problem with one - loose right side safety.
    Fixed it by making a new (slightly oversized) pin.
    I made the pin from a small picture hanger nail.
    Spun it with a hand drill against a belt sander to make the taper,
    then cut out the section that looked like it would fit.
    Made a head on the fat end, drilled out the hole in the safety and stud,
    and reassembled.
    It fit nice and tight and hte safety lever had no play.
    Good enough.

  4. cavelamb

    cavelamb Member

    I couldn't care less about Browning's supposed warranty.
    I had called their customer service line and was informed that they had no repair parts in stock.
    Besides, I had a sucker (OOPS!) I mean customer already lined up.
    I showed him what I had done. I think I'm a pretty fair armorer.

    First thing, how does your pistol handle ball ammo?
    I've never believed in hollow point .380.
    The little things just don't have the muzzle velocity to do much expanding.
    Besides, the real reason for hollow points it to LIMIT penetration.
    With these little light bullets we NEED penetration to to to the heart of the matter.
    If you know what I mean?

    So to me they just seem like a false sense of power.
    If it runs right with ball, just carry it loaded that way.

    I've never carried anything but ball in any 380.
    Mostly my own hand loads too.
    100 grain Berry's bullet and TiteGroup or CFE Pistol powder.
    That gets 750 to 800 feet per second, depending on the powder load.

    Anyway, find a reliable bullet and just shoot that!
  5. wchancey

    wchancey Member

    Has anyone removed the safety on the right side. I am sure I have a unique problem , but I am getting pinched or rubbed in very uncomfortable way on the webbing between thumb and forefinger
    I would like to remove the right hand safety.
    Is it as simple as driving out the roll pin that looks like that may be what's holding it on ?
    I thought I should ask first , if I get it out I don't think I could ever get it back in.
  6. cavelamb

    cavelamb Member

    I think there needs to be something on the right side to secure the safety itself.
    But I could be wrong about that.
    Easy enough to try it and see...
  7. drewzter

    drewzter Member

    I need to know the size if this roll pin
  8. cavelamb

    cavelamb Member

    About that big.
    I made this one from a nail. It took a few tries, of course.
    There is no reasonable way to measure the hole and taper, so just make one and try it.
    repeat until satisfied.
    Looking for a tight press fit here. It's not something you will want to take apart a lot.
    More instructions above...

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