Browning Cynergy Sporting Maple edition

Discussion in 'Browning Cynergy Shotgun' started by Billythekid, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Billythekid

    Billythekid Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Newest edition to the collection, haven't had a chance to shoot her yet but looking forward to it. absolutely love the maple wood on the Brownings. will post some reviews and videos hopefully in the next week or so. All the best.


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  2. Kim

    Kim Copper BB

    Striking look on a shotgun. Enjoy
  3. Billythekid

    Billythekid Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Thanks kim, I love the maple finish on the Brownings.
  4. greenheadmike

    greenheadmike Copper BB

    After duck hunting is over, could I replace my camo stock and forearm with a wooden stock and forearm.?????????
  5. Ranger6

    Ranger6 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator

    greenhead- this post is pretty old, haven't heard from billythekid in a long time. To answer your question- yes if you can find one. i guess you could have one made, but why? If going that route, just buy another gun. if you can find one at like MWG then its still gonna need fitted.
  6. Coyote56

    Coyote56 .410

    E754BBAE-5425-4A2B-96B1-454D587E8783.jpeg Guess I can perhaps pull off a Lazarus move here.
    Maple is some seriously good looking furniture. I have just one…
    It’s kind of a Browning actually, a Belgian made FN Winchester 101.
    Has the BACO stamping on the barrel at least. I really do like this one.

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