Black Ice top ejector problems

Discussion in 'Browning Cynergy Shotgun' started by armin, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. armin

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    hi to all. i bought the blck ice some weeks ago. since the first day the upper ejector makes problems. at first it does not throw out about 80% of shot shells. then i went back to my dealer. we found out that there were small mechanical parts missing in the handgrip. the dealer put new parts in. now the ejector works better. but still about 10% shells were not ejected. can anyone please recommend where to start search for the reason of the issue? think i will bring back my rifle. so frustrating spending more time in car to and back from dealer than shooting....
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    Good Luck with that gun/dealer problem.
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  3. armin

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    Thanks shooter13.... i found another forum thread that the ejector timing is possible to change. maybe this is the reason that one ejector works fine and the other dont. well told that to my dealer/gunsmith. he never heard of that.....
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    Not an expert on the Cynergy...but "timing IS everything"...when ejecting the now extended hull from the platform.

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