Weaver or picatinny rails

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    Hey guys I’m new here . This buckmark is my favorite pistol that I own .

    I was wondering if you guys think there would be a good market for rails ? I have a camper with iron sights and to mount a scope or red dot you there’s currently only two options and they are both $40 .

    I was thinking about designing a cheaper one to sell on Amazon .

    I have 5 rails I got off eBay for cheap however there’s none of them left and they needed custom hardware to make them fit . What’s interesting about these rails is that they fit over the oem top cover and have a hollowed out center so that you retain the iron sights as well as having a scope mount . The only issue with this is the scope mounts pretty high . I’ll upload some pics if there’s interest .
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    I think pictures are the only way to go. I think the rail would be a great idea. Would it interfere with any function or useability?

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