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  1. Come on Browning Arms Co
    About five years ago I bought a new Maxus and after a little use the trigger quit making the gun fire ! Browning repaired it and after 500 rounds went rite back to locking up ! Got rid of it ! 5 years later thinking browning surely has prob fixed just bought another and to my disappointment the new 1 is doing the exact same ! Good bye Browning !! The more folks I talk to the more I have found that people all over r having same trigger issue !!???
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  4. Browning Maxus Trigger ,
    Number 13 , thank you for your reply ! However I have been to Browning and fix was short lived and now I see this has been an on going prob with the Maxus for years , I'm just done with Browning !!
  5. This is the second Maxus I have purchased 5 years apart that have had the exact same trigger issues n both were brand new guns !
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    Sorry to hear that...twice, wow !!

    So...what's the next step !?

    ( I don't own a Maxus...and it's the 1st time I'm hearing about the trigger...)
  7. Since having this trigger prob with the Maxus and talking about it n various places it has surely been confirmed thru lots of avid Waterfowlers that yes this has been an on going issue for years if you really use the Maxus ! Not just a fluke that I bought 2 brand new ones to have same trigger issue on the Maxus ! For me back to the Benelli sbe 2 that is a daily shooter year n and out with 1 1/8 loads to 3 1/2 no problems
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    Well...not much else I can add.

    Good Luck...
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    what exactly is the issue? are you trapping the trigger when pulling it? I have 2 Maxus shotguns and never had an issue with the trigger my MODB was purchased in 09 and has 55k plus rounds through it and the trigger has never malfunctioned
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  10. Not trapping it at all and neither are all the other guys I have talked to about the same issue of the trigger locking up and not dropping the hammer ! You are lucky if you have had no issues with yours and thru the frustration of having a Maxus that won't reliably fire I hope yours continues to do so !

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