Safari accuracy

Discussion in 'Discontinued Browning Models' started by b79holmes, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. b79holmes

    b79holmes .22LR

    I see a Safari for sale at an auction house in .338WM. I will follow the auction and think about bidding.

    I'm curious about how accurate such a rifle is. I have a Weatherby Vanguard S-something with an MOA guarantee and many other rifles now make such claims including Savage which has a pretty low price point.

    So back in the late 1960's what were the expectations of such a rifle? Is this a 400 yard elk or 75 yard grizzly rifle?

  2. talkinghorse

    talkinghorse .22LR

    I have a Safari in 7mm rem mag with the boss and it's quite accurate after you get it tuned to the ammunition you're using. The trigger is quite heavy though, compared to a bolt action rifle, and that could affect things a bit when hunting/shooting at longer distances.

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