Hello from N. Texas!

Discussion in 'New Member Welcome Area' started by DrDoug, Aug 14, 2022.

  1. DrDoug

    DrDoug Copper BB

    Good afternoon and hello from North Texas!

    I am pleased to be part of the group, and I will be looking for conversation and parts primarily for vintage FN Brownings. My small C&R collection starts (chronologically) with a circa 1920's FN 1905, a 1952 High Power (the avatar), and a few FN Browning High Power Safari Grade rifles.

    Glad to be here!

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  2. Ranger6

    Ranger6 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator

    Welcome sir. I am in Texas also(houston). Thank you for stopping by the new member area.
  3. DrDoug

    DrDoug Copper BB

    Thank you, Ranger6!
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  4. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    On behalf of southwest Idaho (formerly from the south side of Chicago), welcome.
    Buy another safe now.
    A good bunch of people here, no where near the drama found in other forums. Climb right into a conversation, or fire one up on your own.

    Again, welcome.
  5. DrDoug

    DrDoug Copper BB

    Thank you, Bill!

    I do need another safe... but I may need you to speak to my wife...

    Happy to hear about reduced drama. I happen to be one of the moderators on a Nissan Titan technical FB group, in which we have a low tolerance for nonsense. I appreciate that!


  6. tex45acp

    tex45acp Copper BB

    Welcome from a fellow Texan DrDoug (Fayette County Area). I too have a Browning HiPower and it is one of my favorite handguns. I have customized mine with Cylinder & Slide internals and
    tritium night sights as well as a set of Craig Spiegle grips.
  7. DrDoug

    DrDoug Copper BB

    Thanks for the welcome, Tex'!
  8. wkrp4me

    wkrp4me Guest

  9. Carl_in_NH

    Carl_in_NH Copper BB

    Welcome from Southern New Hampshire.

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