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    [back story. Skip down to get to my question].

    I have a 1986 Buckmark (according to the serial number) though the micro-adjustable rear sight indicates a 1987 model. Regardless, both standard models had the same slab sided bull barrel. I aquired the pistol used in 1989. The barrel was in awful shape, having been used as a "snake gun" in the Rockies. There was very little left of the rifle lands, and the crown had a huge gouge in it. I sent a letter (pre-Internet) to Browning requesting information on buying a replacement barrel. Perhaps because my return address was on a military installation, Browning just sent me a replacement barrel. As a bonus, they also sent me a replacement metal magazine release because they knew the plastic one in my gun was likely worthless (and it was).

    Since then, this has been a fabulous gun. Supremely accurate, absolutely reliable, and a cinch to maintain.

    [the real question]

    I'm looking for a 5.5" or longer original equipment threaded replacement barrel. I've seen the offerings from tactical solutions, and believe them to be better than adequate, but I'd like an original Browning replacement barrel with threads. Some of their current models come with a threaded barrel which I believe are compatible with my older gun, but I'd also really like to have a slab sided barrel.

    The Browning Parts Manual lists 23 different barrels (B515xxxx), but none indicate that they are threaded. I've also been up and down the Midwest Gun Works site, and they have only a few original Browning barrels. All non-threaded, and all out of stock.

    Someone please throw me a lead for what I'm looking for.
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    If I see or hear of one in my travels on the webz... it's yours.

    { I own a Buckmark also...circa 1997 }

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