Black Ice grip issue again.

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    Hi all,
    I have noticed that previous posts have mentioned issues with the rubber inserts wearing on the composite Black Ice shotguns.
    Ok, I have had my Black ice for about 12 years and in general apart from the ejector retaining pins coming lose which is fairly easy to resolve, I have had no other issues with this gun never had a miss fire never failed to eject, no issues apart from the rubber grips on the forearm and stock which now are fairly well worn.
    I consider these items to be wear items on the gun just like the firing pins. For 12 years I have kept this gun in pristine condition and only wiped the grip pads with clean dry paper towel, no chemicals or detergents have been used on the gun, apart from bore cleaner and Browning Legia spray for lubrication which never comes into contact with the grips as the gun is dismantled prior to cleaning and lubrication.
    These grips are made of a rubber compound and as such are subject to wear. I have no issue in paying for replacement wear items, my problem is in UK I cannot get them. Any help in sourcing these items would be appreciated as it's only four rubber pads I cannot see any issue in sourcing these outside of the uk.
    Thanks for reading this.
    Shame on Browning for not providing wear parts to their customers.
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    Hello sir, I will bite on this, however, I am not sure of the rules for shipping things to you. Send me a PM and we can discuss.

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