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  1. I have been looking for a straight "English" stocked A5 for quite some time, but have only seen one or two for sale, and they both had enough warts to scare me off. I check GB and GunsInternational pretty regularly. Were these guns so rare that not many ever come up for sale? Thanks, Steve
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    They come up for sale, but the price is usually pretty steep. I see more 16ga than 12. If you want one keep looking and you will find one.
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  3. I guess I just need to keep my eyes out for one
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    And in case anyone was wondering, no, you cannot simply switch wood. The rear tang on the trigger housing is a different length and angle. The tapped hole for the stock retaining screw on the receiver is also at a different angle. BTDT.
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    It took a few years of looking to find my first one and JtA5er found it for me. After I bought the first one they started showing up

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I want a first year or a Grade 2 for my next one
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  7. I don’t think they are very common except on early auto 5’s.
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  8. Here’s my 1905 I had out a few weeks ago.

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    That is a nice looking early straight grip, was it restored? And that 3 wheeler, is it from the 80’s?
  10. The 3 wheeler is an ‘84 big red. The straight grip was partially restored before I purchased. I thought about having it rust blued but it looks pretty good as is so I’ll probably leave it alone for now.
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