Slide won't lock back at all now when mag empty

Discussion in 'Browning 1911-22 Handgun' started by ShooterGranny, Dec 23, 2022.

  1. NO PROBLEM. I figured you had to be talking about a different gun! I've also been shooting for a few decades, but now "in my dotage" (read: over 80) I'm finding that I need a lot more help with things that my formerly sharp brain used to figure out and solve on its own! In fact, one of my most used phrases lately has been "old brain strikes again!" The Granny part of my screen name is for real.

    Peace be with you.
  2. JimCunn

    JimCunn .22LR

    "Jim, I'm thoroughly confused and getting more so. Are you talking about the spring that is inside the magazine?"

    Oops, yes - I was thinking about the 380, not the 22. Sorry.
    The 22 accomplishes the same thing with the plastic lip protrusion on the follower.
  3. JimCunn

    JimCunn .22LR

    I'm only 80, halfway to 81. Been shooting for a bit over 70 years, 74 maybe - I don't remember. My Dad would know - wish I could ask him.

    BTW, I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like the 22 magazine buttplate can be removed by depressing the two plastic locking tabs on the side of the butplate and pushing the rear of the buttplate down, pivoting about the locking tab on the front of the buttplate. Reverse the process to reinstall.
  4. Yes, it LOOKS like you can do that. However, when a person phones Browning to ask about how to take those magazines apart and reports that he was told that it can NOT be done, I tend to believe that information. For what new magazines cost I'm not going to try taking one apart and ruining it.

    Update on the no slide lock back issue: I took the gun the other day and used Aguila Super Extra ammo. The slide did lock back more times than it didn't so it seems that the Browning prefers the Aguila. I shot 90 rounds and it took the entire rest of the day and evening for the primer stench to finally get gone (out of my nose!) I'll be glad when the weather is warm so we can shoot outside again!
  5. JimCunn

    JimCunn .22LR

    I'm out of state for a family funeral. When I get back home, I'll take one apart and report back.

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