Preserving a '61 and need a source for an "Old Style" Barrel Adjusting Ring

Discussion in 'Browning Semi-Auto 22 Rifle' started by ToolOrDie, Jan 2, 2023.

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    I was passed down a '61 SA-22. Was so caked in carbon I was surprised it even cycled. Had minor rust in a few spots. I've currently got literally every single piece stripped (even the tiny rear sight parts). Boiled and carded everything to stop any rust and got the entire thing soaked in kerosine before I rebuild.

    Everything went smooth except for removing the outer mag tube which was a freaking headache! I almost was convinced it was a LH thread because of the difficulty. I've used less torque to remove an AR barrel nut but thankfully nothing broke! Kroil for a few days seemed to do the trick.

    So now my question...
    Anyone know where I could source an "Old Style" barrel adjusting ring? My dad must have cranked on it with some vise grips thinking it was how the rifle was taken down.

    I've been looking everywhere for the last couple weeks for a replacement with no luck.

    I have considered trying to file in the knurling to get rid of the damage and then re-bluing, but I figured I'd ask around.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Ranger6

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    Have you tried Arts gun shop?
  3. ToolOrDie

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    Thats actually a good idea. I've watched his videos about a dozen times; i'm not sure why I didn't think to do that.

    I'll give them a call!
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  4. ToolOrDie

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    So Art's was a dead end. I got an email saying they had one but when I called it they said they are increasingly hard to find. I set up a few eBay alerts, so hopefully I can find one.

    I've got the backend of the gun done.

    Ended up cleaning the teeth with a file and have been doing some slow rust blue on the knurling. Should blend well enough until I find another. Muzzle was also in the white from corrosion so I'm doing a touch up slow rust blue there as well.

    I almost lost the rear sight tension spring in my garage while drifting it in. Ended up finding it on my floor after 45 minutes; so crisis averted.

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    Dang that looks pretty good! Job well done. Good idea on eBay alerts, you never know what will show up on there. I have some alerts set up for 11-48 parts. Need some new springs that are hard to find. Something will show up eventually.
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    The original nut will get me by in the mean time until I find a new one. Slow rust blue is a little more grey than the salt blue but you'd have to have it pointed out to notice on the assembled rifle.
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  7. Ranger6

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    Nice work. Looks amazing. I hope to start my adventure in rust bluing this year. Not sure I have the patience but time will tell.
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    This video was a great resource when I first started:

    A $20 clothes steamer from amazon and a cardboard box makes the 1-2 days of rusting in-between coats only a 3-4 hours. If I rushed I could get things done in couple days vs a couple weeks.

    Surprisingly one of the most annoying things is finding distilled water for the boiling/steaming. There is a massive shortage across the US for it.
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  9. Rudolph31

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    Beautiful work, congratulations.

    You did a nice job on that part, if we’re me I’d keep it. But if you’re set on replacing it, my first stop would be MGW. They show it as discontinued, but if you call, they might have one sitting around.

    My next stop would be Numrich Arms, but you’d most likely be getting a used part. Barrel Adjusting Ring 24

    Incidentally, Numrich has a note by the new part that says it’s a substitute for the original style. For that, I’d ask Art.

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