"Light" designation?

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  1. When did the Auto-5 start carrying the "Light" designation? Same time as "Magnum?"
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    The lightened version of the 12 gauge was introduced in 1946 as the Light Twelve. However, the name wasn’t engraved on the receiver until 1948.
  3. When you say "name" are you referring to "Browning" and/or "Light Twelve"? My 1953 has "Browning" engraved but does not have "Light Twelve" engraved. That is my question - when was "Light Twelve" the standard engraving?
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    Yes, the words Light Twelve were engraved on the left side of the receiver beginning in 1948. If yours doesn’t say that, it’s probably a standard, un-lightened gun, or it may be a Light Twelve from 1946-48 that was unmarked save for a gold trigger and safety.

    Incidentally, in 1948 they also stopped stamping BROWNING ARMS COMPANY on the receivers and unless the gun was a Light Twelve or a Sweet Sixteen, there was just an uninterrupted border scroll there.
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  5. And I always thought Light 12 was only to distinguish from the Magnum 12. When was the Magnum 12 first produced? 1958?
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    Yes, both the Magnum Twelve and the Light Twenty first appeared in 1958.

    The Light Twelve was produced alongside the standard version until 1970.
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