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  1. A little birdie told me that there are quite a few women who visit and/or are members here but I'm the only one who posts.

    Come on gals! Speak up. Seriously. I belong to a few other forums and many times a woman's view helps to keep things in perspective. This is not only when "a guy" asks what gun to buy for his wife or daughter or girlfriend, but also when a woman asks for information on how "snappy" a particular gun is, etc.

    Ideas for threads: How often do you shoot? Do you go with particular friends, husband, boyfriend? Where do you shoot - indoors, outdoors, both? What gun(s) do you like best and why? And hundreds more topics just waiting to be posted.

    Come join me - the water's fine!
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    Mrs. Tinyman will dictate this one.

    Come on girls of all ages -- we got a vote too, use it.

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