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    Hey, let's build the Kansas community here! Share our stories and our Browning favorites!

    I hunted dove, prairie chicken, quail and pheasant for many years with my best friend. He had a A5 and I had an 870. I hate to say it but he always, every season got twice the birds as me! He also got me started in trap shooting. He had a Citori and me an 870 Trap. He continued to out do me.
    Then we started indoor target shooting. He bought a Medalist and I went with a High Standard. He beat me every time. Not long afterwards I moved away and got into IHMSA. I only considered Browning by then. It paid off! I won State Championship two years in a row! All this time I thought he was better than me but it was the firearm not the friend!
    You get what you pay for!

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