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  1. I have had all types of lever guns in my life time. I have had Marlins which are really nice and good rifles, but for me never really accurate. I have had Henry's, which I like the Golden Boy, Classic 22, Big Boy's, all are good. They all function and shoot well.

    But the BL-22's are to me just in a league all by their selves. I have a brand new Micro Midas BL-22 that fits me perfect and a great shooter and very accurate for me. But I bought this 1980 made BL-22 that was used and abused. It has a rusted patina, no pits just a rusty patina, no bluing what so ever left. The stock was scratched up all to heck, the receiver was drilled for a Williams sight. t was missing the rear sight blade on the barrel. The barrel was tapped for I guess a scope mount, barrel band was broken. I ended up plugging the tapped holes in the barrel, putting a Williams sight on the receiver, putting a new rear sight on the barrel, stripping the stock down and putting a wax finish on it, placing a sling on the rifle and replacing the barrel band. Now that old junky rifle is nice and my favorite rifle to shoot. Browning out shines all the others with that 30 degree throw. It just takes a flick of the wrist and you have another round chambered. Don't even have to take you're hand off the stock. It is just great.

    To me that is what separates the Browning BL-22 from all other rim fire lever guns, that 30 degree throw.
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    The design of the browning tube magazine is a class above the rest also.

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